These stats won't show how many VOLVO V70 were made or sold but they do show how many VOLVO V70 are left on the road.

There are 32,206,347 cars & other vehicles with valid MOTs.

There are 53,233 VOLVO V70 left in the UK with an MOT. 0.1653% of all UK vehicles are VOLVO V70. Vehicle data is updated in near real-time as they pass & fail MOT tests.


V7051,107 (96.0%)
V70 SE LUX D5 AUTO282 (0.5%)
V70 SE D133 (0.2%)

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Colour Total
Silver13,518 (25.4%)
Blue12,102 (22.7%)
Grey7,542 (14.2%)

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This chart shows how many VOLVO V70S are left from each year (green) along with their average mileage (black).


V7051,107 (96.0%)
V70 SE LUX D5 AUTO282 (0.5%)
V70 SE D133 (0.2%)
V70 SE D3125 (0.2%)
V70 SE D4 AUTO111 (0.2%)
V70 SE D2 AUTO108 (0.2%)
V70 SE D3 AUTO83 (0.2%)
V70 SE D AUTO79 (0.1%)
V70 D5 S71 (0.1%)
V70 R-DESIGN D3 AUTO69 (0.1%)


The VOLVO V70 model variants are as they are on the Car Logbook; there are typos & mistakes.

V7051,107 (96.0%)15 yrs130,598 mi
V70 10V4 (0.0%)24 yrs114,154 mi
V70 10V AUTO2 (0.0%)24 yrs142,426 mi
V70 25D AUTO2 (0.0%)21 yrs192,376 mi
V70 AUTHORITIES D4 AUTO6 (0.0%)6 yrs107,938 mi
V70 AUTHORITIES D516 (0.0%)8 yrs113,304 mi
V70 AUTHORITIES D5 AUTO4 (0.0%)9 yrs176,730 mi
V70 AUTO21 (0.0%)13 yrs68,593 mi
V70 AWD SE D5 GEARTRONIC1 (0.0%)18 yrs171,171 mi
V70 AWD SE T2 (0.0%)17 yrs141,551 mi
V70 AWD SE T GEARTRONIC2 (0.0%)17 yrs105,846 mi
V70 BUSINESS EDITION D4 AUTO1 (0.0%)7 yrs64,077 mi
V70 BUSINESS EDITION D5 AUTO1 (0.0%)7 yrs77,608 mi
V70 CD 10V AUTO1 (0.0%)24 yrs182,191 mi
V70 CD 20V AUTO1 (0.0%)23 yrs169,221 mi
V70 CD TURBO AUTO2 (0.0%)24 yrs133,590 mi
V70 CLASSIC3 (0.0%)21 yrs142,101 mi
V70 CLASSIC AUTO3 (0.0%)21 yrs128,054 mi
V70 CLASSIC BIFUEL AUTO1 (0.0%)16 yrs38,400 mi
V70 D CLASSIC1 (0.0%)21 yrs169,795 mi
V70 D OCEAN RACE E42 (0.0%)16 yrs113,750 mi
V70 D S3 (0.0%)21 yrs175,924 mi
V70 D S E47 (0.0%)16 yrs137,289 mi
V70 D SE2 (0.0%)21 yrs205,592 mi
V70 D SE AUTO6 (0.0%)16 yrs139,055 mi
V70 D SE E45 (0.0%)15 yrs146,936 mi
V70 D SPORT AUTO1 (0.0%)15 yrs152,668 mi
V70 D SPORT E42 (0.0%)15 yrs170,063 mi
V70 D41 (0.0%)7 yrs110,415 mi
V70 D51 (0.0%)18 yrs133,997 mi
V70 D5 S71 (0.1%)18 yrs182,041 mi
V70 D5 S AUTO9 (0.0%)18 yrs122,056 mi
V70 D5 SE4 (0.0%)18 yrs216,803 mi
V70 D5 SE AUTO3 (0.0%)17 yrs147,414 mi
V70 D5 SE E41 (0.0%)16 yrs207,624 mi
V70 ES D DRIVE2 (0.0%)11 yrs139,646 mi
V70 ES D36 (0.0%)10 yrs129,751 mi
V70 ES D3 AUTO17 (0.0%)10 yrs92,883 mi
V70 ES D4 AUTO1 (0.0%)9 yrs90,929 mi
V70 ES D527 (0.1%)9 yrs131,165 mi
V70 ES D5 AUTO17 (0.0%)9 yrs92,154 mi
V70 ES DRIVE STARTSTOP3 (0.0%)10 yrs121,975 mi
V70 HEARSE1 (0.0%)12 yrs45,775 mi
V70 LUX SE 140 A2 (0.0%)15 yrs146,865 mi
V70 LUX SE A1 (0.0%)15 yrs144,081 mi
V70 LUX SE D54 (0.0%)14 yrs138,830 mi
V70 LUX SE D5 A5 (0.0%)14 yrs116,472 mi
V70 LUX SE T A1 (0.0%)15 yrs67,815 mi
V70 R12 (0.0%)18 yrs107,335 mi
V70 R-DESIGN D2 (0.0%)12 yrs169,612 mi
V70 R-DESIGN D310 (0.0%)10 yrs118,237 mi
V70 R-DESIGN D3 AUTO69 (0.1%)9 yrs89,739 mi
V70 R-DESIGN D4 AUTO1 (0.0%)9 yrs35,036 mi
V70 R-DESIGN D513 (0.0%)8 yrs99,962 mi
V70 R-DESIGN D5 AUTO18 (0.0%)9 yrs85,554 mi
V70 R-DESIGN DRIVE STARTSTOP7 (0.0%)9 yrs131,490 mi
V70 RDESIGN DRIVE STARTSTOP A1 (0.0%)9 yrs85,278 mi
V70 R-DESIGN NAV D31 (0.0%)9 yrs70,307 mi
V70 R-DESIGN NAV D41 (0.0%)9 yrs58,069 mi
V70 R-DESIGN SE D14 (0.0%)11 yrs132,120 mi
V70 R-DESIGN SE D AUTO7 (0.0%)11 yrs100,409 mi
V70 R-DESIGN SE D51 (0.0%)11 yrs71,337 mi
V70 R-DESIGN SE D5 AUTO22 (0.0%)10 yrs116,614 mi
V70 R-DESIGN SE PREM D5 A9 (0.0%)12 yrs122,790 mi
V70 R-DESIGN SE PREMIUM D1 (0.0%)12 yrs162,652 mi
V70 R-DESIGN T41 (0.0%)10 yrs76,477 mi
V70 R-DESIGN T4 AUTO1 (0.0%)10 yrs77,335 mi
V70 S 20V AUTO2 (0.0%)19 yrs49,222 mi
V70 S BI-FUEL AUTO1 (0.0%)17 yrs168,529 mi
V70 S D510 (0.0%)12 yrs177,101 mi
V70 S D5 AUTO2 (0.0%)13 yrs176,099 mi
V70 S T10 (0.0%)18 yrs118,401 mi
V70 S T AUTO1 (0.0%)18 yrs125,136 mi
V70 S T GEARTRONIC2 (0.0%)16 yrs163,258 mi
V70 S T6 AUTO4 (0.0%)13 yrs186,933 mi
V70 SE1 (0.0%)12 yrs73,498 mi
V70 SE 10V2 (0.0%)24 yrs156,216 mi
V70 SE 10V AUTO1 (0.0%)24 yrs112,614 mi
V70 SE 140 BHP2 (0.0%)17 yrs104,810 mi
V70 SE 140 BHP AUTO1 (0.0%)17 yrs102,057 mi
V70 SE 170 BHP AUTO4 (0.0%)16 yrs104,341 mi
V70 SE AUTO6 (0.0%)17 yrs118,857 mi
V70 SE BI-FUEL1 (0.0%)16 yrs177,775 mi
V70 SE BI-FUEL AUTO1 (0.0%)18 yrs77,508 mi
V70 SE D133 (0.2%)12 yrs126,439 mi
V70 SE D AUTO79 (0.1%)12 yrs120,121 mi
V70 SE D DRIVE7 (0.0%)11 yrs116,087 mi
V70 SE D2 AUTO108 (0.2%)8 yrs92,333 mi
V70 SE D3125 (0.2%)9 yrs95,637 mi
V70 SE D3 AUTO83 (0.2%)9 yrs105,775 mi
V70 SE D43 (0.0%)8 yrs115,901 mi
V70 SE D4 AUTO111 (0.2%)8 yrs99,681 mi
V70 SE D519 (0.0%)10 yrs110,641 mi
V70 SE D5 AUTO32 (0.1%)11 yrs120,432 mi
V70 SE DRIVE STARTSTOP5 (0.0%)10 yrs129,667 mi
V70 SE LUX AUTO1 (0.0%)14 yrs38,118 mi
V70 SE LUX D13 (0.0%)12 yrs138,201 mi
V70 SE LUX D AUTO10 (0.0%)13 yrs115,890 mi
V70 SE LUX D DRIVE3 (0.0%)11 yrs141,896 mi
V70 SE LUX D2 AUTO25 (0.0%)9 yrs78,992 mi
V70 SE LUX D348 (0.1%)9 yrs92,019 mi
V70 SE LUX D3 AUTO63 (0.1%)9 yrs87,253 mi
V70 SE LUX D42 (0.0%)9 yrs95,055 mi
V70 SE LUX D4 AUTO57 (0.1%)8 yrs83,332 mi
V70 SE LUX D555 (0.1%)9 yrs105,854 mi
V70 SE LUX D5 AUTO282 (0.5%)9 yrs94,075 mi
V70 SE LUX D5 AWD A1 (0.0%)13 yrs101,011 mi
V70 SE LUX DRIVE STARTSTOP5 (0.0%)9 yrs144,689 mi
V70 SE LUX PREMIUM D5 A1 (0.0%)12 yrs61,749 mi
V70 SE LUX T1 (0.0%)14 yrs182,638 mi
V70 SE LUX T AUTO6 (0.0%)13 yrs108,769 mi
V70 SE LUX T41 (0.0%)9 yrs50,281 mi
V70 SE LUX T5 AUTO5 (0.0%)10 yrs56,069 mi
V70 SE LUX TURBO AUTO1 (0.0%)11 yrs164,154 mi
V70 SE NAV D2 AUTO20 (0.0%)8 yrs94,947 mi
V70 SE NAV D314 (0.0%)8 yrs109,545 mi
V70 SE NAV D3 AUTO13 (0.0%)8 yrs106,683 mi
V70 SE NAV D4 AUTO25 (0.0%)7 yrs108,583 mi
V70 SE PREMIUM D5 AUTO1 (0.0%)12 yrs95,356 mi
V70 SE PREMIUM TURBO AUTO1 (0.0%)12 yrs100,730 mi
V70 SE SPORT 170 A1 (0.0%)14 yrs209,154 mi
V70 SE SPORT 24D1 (0.0%)14 yrs175,005 mi
V70 SE SPORT 24D A6 (0.0%)14 yrs123,249 mi
V70 SE SPORT D1 (0.0%)13 yrs121,703 mi
V70 SE SPORT D58 (0.0%)14 yrs146,555 mi
V70 SE SPORT D5 A10 (0.0%)14 yrs156,877 mi
V70 SE SPORT D5 AUTO13 (0.0%)13 yrs108,543 mi
V70 SE SPORT D5 AWD A1 (0.0%)12 yrs174,210 mi
V70 SE SPORT T2 (0.0%)13 yrs135,029 mi
V70 SE SPORT TD5 (0.0%)13 yrs141,286 mi
V70 SE T18 (0.0%)17 yrs142,285 mi
V70 SE T AUTO39 (0.1%)16 yrs115,304 mi
V70 SE T GEARTRONIC23 (0.0%)17 yrs130,192 mi
V70 SE T515 (0.0%)14 yrs166,279 mi
V70 SE T5 AUTO4 (0.0%)22 yrs179,321 mi
V70 SE TD7 (0.0%)12 yrs157,339 mi
V70 SE TDI1 (0.0%)23 yrs257,234 mi
V70 SE TURBO AUTO1 (0.0%)12 yrs51,928 mi
V70 SPORT AUTO1 (0.0%)15 yrs87,692 mi
V70 SPORT D510 (0.0%)17 yrs180,902 mi
V70 SPORT D5 AUTO5 (0.0%)17 yrs162,312 mi
V70 SPORT D5 AWD AUTO1 (0.0%)17 yrs151,526 mi
V70 SPORT SE D52 (0.0%)15 yrs136,555 mi
V70 SPORT SE D5 A1 (0.0%)15 yrs188,701 mi
V70 SPORT T2 (0.0%)17 yrs152,835 mi
V70 SPORT T AUTO1 (0.0%)16 yrs96,376 mi
V70 T AUTO1 (0.0%)20 yrs135,517 mi
V70 T AWD S1 (0.0%)19 yrs128,864 mi
V70 T SE AUTO6 (0.0%)20 yrs161,508 mi
V70 T52 (0.0%)18 yrs197,355 mi
V70 T5 SE5 (0.0%)19 yrs145,690 mi
V70 T5 SE AUTO20 (0.0%)18 yrs125,671 mi
V70 T5 SPORT2 (0.0%)16 yrs123,706 mi
V70 T5 SPORT AUTO2 (0.0%)16 yrs101,435 mi
V70 T61 (0.0%)13 yrs154,446 mi
V70 TORSLANDA 10V2 (0.0%)23 yrs135,994 mi
V70 TURBO1 (0.0%)18 yrs167,664 mi
V70 VOR D51 (0.0%)12 yrs129,087 mi
V70 VOR D5 185 AWD1 (0.0%)12 yrs172,400 mi
V70 XC5 (0.0%)20 yrs141,211 mi
V70 XC AUTO9 (0.0%)19 yrs145,425 mi
V70 XC CLASSIC AUTO1 (0.0%)21 yrs147,167 mi
V70 XC S AUTO1 (0.0%)20 yrs64,254 mi
V70 XC SE1 (0.0%)22 yrs148,214 mi
V70 XC SE AUTO1 (0.0%)22 yrs170,676 mi
V70 XC VOR S AWD AUTO1 (0.0%)19 yrs132,124 mi
V70 XL 10V1 (0.0%)22 yrs77,972 mi
V70 XLT 10V1 (0.0%)22 yrs87,738 mi
V70 XLT 10V AUTO1 (0.0%)22 yrs278,078 mi


Colour Total
Silver13,518 (25.4%)
Blue12,102 (22.7%)
Grey7,542 (14.2%)
Black5,649 (10.6%)
Red4,441 (8.3%)
Green4,148 (7.8%)
Gold3,971 (7.5%)
White1,109 (2.1%)
Purple241 (0.5%)
Bronze216 (0.4%)
Turquoise108 (0.2%)
Orange64 (0.1%)
Brown50 (0.1%)
Beige31 (0.1%)
Cream19 (0.0%)
Maroon17 (0.0%)
Yellow6 (0.0%)
Multi-colour1 (0.0%)


Engine Total
Diesel32,712 (61.5%)
Petrol16,747 (31.5%)
2435cc Petrol857 (1.6%)
2401cc Diesel766 (1.4%)
2400cc Diesel764 (1.4%)
1984cc Diesel299 (0.6%)
1969cc Diesel284 (0.5%)
1997cc Diesel209 (0.4%)
2319cc Petrol111 (0.2%)
1560cc Diesel104 (0.2%)
2521cc Petrol87 (0.2%)
LPG72 (0.1%)
2461cc Diesel51 (0.1%)
1984cc Petrol41 (0.1%)
2401cc Petrol35 (0.1%)
2953cc Petrol21 (0.0%)
2520cc Petrol9 (0.0%)
3192cc Petrol7 (0.0%)
2400cc Petrol7 (0.0%)
Gas Bi-Fuel6 (0.0%)
1999cc Petrol5 (0.0%)
2500cc Diesel5 (0.0%)
Gas4 (0.0%)
2435cc Diesel4 (0.0%)
2500cc Petrol3 (0.0%)
2435cc Gas Bi-Fuel2 (0.0%)
2430cc Petrol2 (0.0%)
1997cc Petrol2 (0.0%)
1999cc Diesel1 (0.0%)
Other1 (0.0%)
1969cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
LNG1 (0.0%)
Electric1 (0.0%)
1595cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1600cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
2431cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
2435cc LPG1 (0.0%)
2436cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
2440cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
2000cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
2297cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
2300cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
2521cc Electric1 (0.0%)
9999cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
2528cc Petrol1 (0.0%)

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