These stats won't show how many VAUXHALL CORSA were made or sold but they do show how many VAUXHALL CORSA are left on the road.

There are 28,470,182 cars & other vehicles with valid MOTs.

There are 915,303 VAUXHALL CORSA left in the UK with an MOT. 3.21% of all UK vehicles are VAUXHALL CORSA. Vehicle data is updated in near real-time as they pass & fail MOT tests.


CORSA815,373 (89.1%)
CORSA SXI AC12,831 (1.4%)
CORSA SE9,960 (1.1%)

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Colour Total
Silver248,811 (27.2%)
Black199,665 (21.8%)
Blue133,424 (14.6%)

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This chart shows how many VAUXHALL CORSAS are left from each year (green) along with their average mileage (black).


CORSA815,373 (89.1%)
CORSA SXI AC12,831 (1.4%)
CORSA SE9,960 (1.1%)
CORSA S ECOFLEX6,781 (0.7%)
CORSA ACTIVE AC5,474 (0.6%)
CORSA SXI4,337 (0.5%)
CORSA SE AUTO3,957 (0.4%)
CORSA SRI3,094 (0.3%)
CORSA ENERGY AC2,983 (0.3%)


The VAUXHALL CORSA model variants are as they are on the Car Logbook; there are typos & mistakes.

CORSA815,373 (89.1%)10 yrs60,443 mi
CORSA 122 (0.0%)16 yrs57,656 mi
CORSA 12 AC2 (0.0%)10 yrs94,842 mi
CORSA 12001 (0.0%)9 yrs80,377 mi
CORSA 1398 SE1 (0.0%)8 yrs53,467 mi
CORSA 14 16V SPORT4 (0.0%)36 yrs85,260 mi
CORSA 14 CAPITAL3 (0.0%)21 yrs69,491 mi
CORSA 14001 (0.0%)9 yrs52,207 mi
CORSA 16V6 (0.0%)19 yrs66,759 mi
CORSA 16V SPECIAL1 (0.0%)17 yrs80,860 mi
CORSA 17D EPIC1 (0.0%)20 yrs50,703 mi
CORSA ACTIVE1,304 (0.1%)7 yrs47,740 mi
CORSA ACTIVE 12V475 (0.1%)15 yrs79,027 mi
CORSA ACTIVE 16V8 (0.0%)13 yrs76,284 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AC5,474 (0.6%)7 yrs44,515 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AC CDTI ECOFLEX969 (0.1%)7 yrs70,398 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AC ECOFLEX274 (0.0%)7 yrs44,190 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AC S-A64 (0.0%)7 yrs43,363 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AUTO3 (0.0%)13 yrs58,945 mi
CORSA ACTIVE ECOFLEX501 (0.1%)7 yrs45,459 mi
CORSA ACTIVE ECOFLEX CDTI184 (0.0%)10 yrs83,596 mi
CORSA ACTIVE PLUS50 (0.0%)10 yrs67,543 mi
CORSA ACTIVE PLUS EF CDTI5 (0.0%)10 yrs90,486 mi
CORSA ACTIVE PLUS S-A6 (0.0%)11 yrs44,618 mi
CORSA ACTIVE S-A15 (0.0%)10 yrs49,455 mi
CORSA ACTIVE TWINPORT8 (0.0%)15 yrs58,962 mi
CORSA ARIZONA1 (0.0%)48 yrs53,748 mi
CORSA BASE8 (0.0%)7 yrs32,572 mi
CORSA BLACK EDITION983 (0.1%)6 yrs48,504 mi
CORSA BREEZE67 (0.0%)13 yrs61,983 mi
CORSA BREEZE 12V52 (0.0%)21 yrs67,504 mi
CORSA BREEZE 16V79 (0.0%)20 yrs70,574 mi
CORSA BREEZE 16V AUTO16 (0.0%)20 yrs57,114 mi
CORSA BREEZE CDTI155 (0.0%)11 yrs96,966 mi
CORSA BREEZE D1 (0.0%)20 yrs56,137 mi
CORSA BREEZE HI-TORQ70 (0.0%)21 yrs79,682 mi
CORSA BREEZE HI-TORQ AUTO6 (0.0%)21 yrs52,628 mi
CORSA BREEZE PLUS20 (0.0%)11 yrs79,037 mi
CORSA BREEZE PLUS CDTI14 (0.0%)11 yrs88,005 mi
CORSA BREEZE PLUS S-A1 (0.0%)11 yrs59,974 mi
CORSA BREEZE S-A1 (0.0%)11 yrs35,402 mi
CORSA C1 (0.0%)15 yrs42,480 mi
CORSA CDTI639 (0.1%)11 yrs114,317 mi
CORSA CDTI 3DR VAN ECOFLEX1 (0.0%)9 yrs63,543 mi
CORSA CDTI 95 ECO FLEX S1 (0.0%)9 yrs133,798 mi
CORSA CDTI AC43 (0.0%)10 yrs110,776 mi
CORSA CDTI ECOFLEX765 (0.1%)7 yrs90,655 mi
CORSA CDTI ECOFLEX 3DR VAN1 (0.0%)9 yrs55,920 mi
CORSA CDTI ECOFLEX SS264 (0.0%)7 yrs88,175 mi
CORSA CDTI ECOFLEX SS 5DR1 (0.0%)8 yrs121,649 mi
CORSA CDTI SS69 (0.0%)7 yrs90,728 mi
CORSA CDTI SS 93 5DR HATCH1 (0.0%)8 yrs93,960 mi
CORSA CDX1 (0.0%)48 yrs89,482 mi
CORSA CLASSIC20 (0.0%)13 yrs66,979 mi
CORSA CLUB45 (0.0%)12 yrs77,242 mi
CORSA CLUB 12V10 (0.0%)18 yrs99,128 mi
CORSA CLUB 16V1,444 (0.2%)17 yrs81,329 mi
CORSA CLUB 16V AUTO132 (0.0%)19 yrs66,344 mi
CORSA CLUB 16V EASYTRONIC182 (0.0%)17 yrs67,561 mi
CORSA CLUB 16V TWINPORT A1 (0.0%)10 yrs23,772 mi
CORSA CLUB AC509 (0.1%)11 yrs74,730 mi
CORSA CLUB AC 16V4 (0.0%)10 yrs83,035 mi
CORSA CLUB AC 16V AUTO14 (0.0%)10 yrs55,790 mi
CORSA CLUB AC AUTO296 (0.0%)11 yrs56,841 mi
CORSA CLUB AC CDTI96 (0.0%)11 yrs95,640 mi
CORSA CLUB AC CDTI E-FLEX10 (0.0%)10 yrs103,201 mi
CORSA CLUB AC S-A42 (0.0%)12 yrs65,058 mi
CORSA CLUB AUTO1 (0.0%)10 yrs74,098 mi
CORSA CLUB CDTI5 (0.0%)11 yrs69,053 mi
CORSA CLUB D1 (0.0%)16 yrs80,906 mi
CORSA CLUB DI13 (0.0%)17 yrs112,758 mi
CORSA CLUB S-A1 (0.0%)12 yrs52,015 mi
CORSA CLUB TD1 (0.0%)19 yrs95,026 mi
CORSA COMBO2 (0.0%)9 yrs84,417 mi
CORSA COMBO 1700 CDTI51 (0.0%)8 yrs113,732 mi
CORSA COMBO 1700 SE CDTI153 (0.0%)7 yrs86,902 mi
CORSA COMBO 1700 SE CDTI S-A1 (0.0%)9 yrs103,655 mi
CORSA COMBO 2000 CDTI2 (0.0%)8 yrs133,100 mi
CORSA COMBO 2000 SE CDTI2 (0.0%)9 yrs89,711 mi
CORSA COMFORT1 (0.0%)18 yrs81,930 mi
CORSA COMFORT 12V3 (0.0%)18 yrs63,141 mi
CORSA COMFORT 16V6 (0.0%)18 yrs70,698 mi
CORSA COMFORT 16V AUTO1 (0.0%)18 yrs64,069 mi
CORSA COMFORT 16V SEMI-AUTO3 (0.0%)18 yrs54,069 mi
CORSA D1 (0.0%)15 yrs95,217 mi
CORSA DESIGN138 (0.0%)11 yrs64,728 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V817 (0.1%)15 yrs85,994 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V AUTO407 (0.0%)14 yrs66,681 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V T-PORT7 (0.0%)10 yrs57,854 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V T-PORT A44 (0.0%)10 yrs50,988 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V TWINPORT133 (0.0%)12 yrs78,891 mi
CORSA DESIGN AC2 (0.0%)5 yrs38,281 mi
CORSA DESIGN AC S-A4 (0.0%)5 yrs31,026 mi
CORSA DESIGN AUTO62 (0.0%)10 yrs56,055 mi
CORSA DESIGN CDTI65 (0.0%)12 yrs88,916 mi
CORSA DESIGN CDTI ECOFLEX20 (0.0%)10 yrs73,833 mi
CORSA DESIGN CDTI ECOFLEX SS1 (0.0%)4 yrs49,942 mi
CORSA DESIGN DUAL FUEL1 (0.0%)15 yrs34,259 mi
CORSA DESIGN ECOFLEX SS S-A1 (0.0%)4 yrs27,183 mi
CORSA DESIGN INTOUCH3 (0.0%)10 yrs74,585 mi
CORSA DESIGN SEMI-AUTO20 (0.0%)15 yrs54,123 mi
CORSA DESIGN TWINPORT1,184 (0.1%)14 yrs82,009 mi
CORSA DESIGN TWINPORT S-A74 (0.0%)14 yrs63,233 mi
CORSA DIESEL1 (0.0%)8 yrs45,760 mi
CORSA DUALFUEL1 (0.0%)14 yrs102,483 mi
CORSA ECO1 (0.0%)11 yrs58,923 mi
CORSA ECO FLEX2 (0.0%)9 yrs103,804 mi
CORSA ECOFLEX1 (0.0%)10 yrs38,549 mi
CORSA ECO-FLEX1 (0.0%)5 yrs52,565 mi
CORSA ECOFLEX 3DR1 (0.0%)8 yrs99,030 mi
CORSA ECOFLEX 5DR HATCH BACK1 (0.0%)8 yrs69,076 mi
CORSA ECOFLEX S 3DR1 (0.0%)8 yrs73,599 mi
CORSA EDTN CDTI EFLEX1 (0.0%)7 yrs55,337 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE1 (0.0%)16 yrs91,895 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE 12V1 (0.0%)16 yrs121,359 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE 16V6 (0.0%)16 yrs76,744 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE 16V AUTO1 (0.0%)17 yrs45,932 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE 16V SEMI-AUTO1 (0.0%)17 yrs27,255 mi
CORSA ENERGY896 (0.1%)7 yrs47,546 mi
CORSA ENERGY 16V100 (0.0%)15 yrs76,156 mi
CORSA ENERGY 16V S-A1 (0.0%)15 yrs35,072 mi
CORSA ENERGY AC2,983 (0.3%)6 yrs42,410 mi
CORSA ENERGY AC CDTI ECOFLEX482 (0.1%)6 yrs66,664 mi
CORSA ENERGY AC ECOFLEX212 (0.0%)6 yrs43,029 mi
CORSA ENERGY AC S-A56 (0.0%)6 yrs33,444 mi
CORSA ENERGY CDTI21 (0.0%)15 yrs99,160 mi
CORSA ENERGY CDTI ECOFLEX7 (0.0%)8 yrs55,448 mi
CORSA ENERGY CDTI73 EFLEX53 (0.0%)9 yrs83,490 mi
CORSA ENERGY CDTI93 EFLEX8 (0.0%)9 yrs73,191 mi
CORSA ENERGY ECOFLEX556 (0.1%)7 yrs46,254 mi
CORSA ENERGY S-A12 (0.0%)9 yrs45,094 mi
CORSA ENERGY TWINPORT179 (0.0%)15 yrs80,974 mi
CORSA ENERGY TWINPORT S-A11 (0.0%)15 yrs61,489 mi
CORSA ENVOY 12V3 (0.0%)20 yrs84,692 mi
CORSA EXC AC CDTI ECOFLEX SS628 (0.1%)6 yrs64,564 mi
CORSA EXC AC CDTI EFLEX SS 93481 (0.1%)7 yrs70,161 mi
CORSA EXC AC CDTIEFLEX SS32 (0.0%)8 yrs81,438 mi
CORSA EXC CDTI EFLEX SS18 (0.0%)7 yrs74,917 mi
CORSA EXC IV AC CDTIEFLEX1 (0.0%)7 yrs67,285 mi
CORSA EXCITE516 (0.1%)8 yrs54,494 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC2,216 (0.2%)8 yrs49,452 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC CDTI ECOFLEX523 (0.1%)8 yrs76,867 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC ECOFEX17 (0.0%)8 yrs51,641 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC ECOFLEX297 (0.0%)8 yrs50,827 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC S-A72 (0.0%)8 yrs44,970 mi
CORSA EXCITE ECOFEX61 (0.0%)7 yrs49,020 mi
CORSA EXCITE ECOFLEX66 (0.0%)8 yrs53,073 mi
CORSA EXC-IV AC CDTIEFLEX1,446 (0.2%)7 yrs81,396 mi
CORSA EXC-IV CDTI73 EFLEX59 (0.0%)9 yrs98,562 mi
CORSA EXC-IV CDTI93 EFLEX31 (0.0%)9 yrs91,200 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV1,035 (0.1%)8 yrs57,937 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AC2,828 (0.3%)7 yrs50,066 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AC AUTO438 (0.0%)7 yrs39,513 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AC ECOFLEX SS128 (0.0%)6 yrs47,666 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AC S-A403 (0.0%)7 yrs41,455 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AC SS1 (0.0%)6 yrs45,025 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AUTO180 (0.0%)8 yrs45,562 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV CDTI ECOFLEX12 (0.0%)7 yrs76,829 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV CDTI EFLEX69 (0.0%)7 yrs69,263 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV CDTIECFLEX SS82 (0.0%)6 yrs68,110 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV CDTIEFLEX SS 9386 (0.0%)7 yrs76,206 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV ECOFLEX SS17 (0.0%)7 yrs48,578 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV S A1 (0.0%)9 yrs35,080 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV S-A124 (0.0%)8 yrs47,240 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV TWINPORT10 (0.0%)14 yrs70,724 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIVE AC ECOFLEX SS3 (0.0%)8 yrs63,981 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIVE ECOFLEX SS2 (0.0%)8 yrs56,044 mi
CORSA EXPRESSION1 (0.0%)11 yrs90,077 mi
CORSA EXPRESSION 12V54 (0.0%)18 yrs72,142 mi
CORSA EXPRESSION ECOFLEX9 (0.0%)7 yrs31,117 mi
CORSA EXPRESSION TWINPORT7 (0.0%)14 yrs79,418 mi
CORSA FLAIR2 (0.0%)48 yrs102,130 mi
CORSA GLS6 (0.0%)48 yrs105,004 mi
CORSA GLS 12V2 (0.0%)34 yrs63,843 mi
CORSA GLS 16V63 (0.0%)16 yrs85,432 mi
CORSA GLS 16V AUTO2 (0.0%)20 yrs60,105 mi
CORSA GLS T1 (0.0%)48 yrs133,094 mi
CORSA GSI 16V9 (0.0%)39 yrs83,161 mi
CORSA LIFE76 (0.0%)11 yrs58,636 mi
CORSA LIFE 12V238 (0.0%)17 yrs80,975 mi
CORSA LIFE 12V SEMI-AUTO12 (0.0%)17 yrs70,579 mi
CORSA LIFE 16V57 (0.0%)15 yrs75,231 mi
CORSA LIFE AC360 (0.0%)11 yrs74,144 mi
CORSA LIFE AC CDTI10 (0.0%)11 yrs94,500 mi
CORSA LIFE AC CDTI EC-LEX2 (0.0%)10 yrs43,436 mi
CORSA LIFE AC S-A41 (0.0%)11 yrs62,604 mi
CORSA LIFE CDTI32 (0.0%)12 yrs80,422 mi
CORSA LIFE CDTI ECOFLEX7 (0.0%)10 yrs71,127 mi
CORSA LIFE ECO FLEX1 (0.0%)10 yrs108,653 mi
CORSA LIFE ECO TPORT S-A6 (0.0%)14 yrs68,288 mi
CORSA LIFE S-A1 (0.0%)10 yrs49,614 mi
CORSA LIFE TWINPORT882 (0.1%)14 yrs79,231 mi
CORSA LIFE TWINPORT S-A64 (0.0%)14 yrs64,556 mi
CORSA LIMITED EDITION9,364 (1.0%)7 yrs51,025 mi
CORSA LIMITED EDITION AUTO2 (0.0%)6 yrs24,007 mi
CORSA LS14 (0.0%)41 yrs96,203 mi
CORSA LS 12I1 (0.0%)21 yrs87,601 mi
CORSA LS 12V1 (0.0%)21 yrs64,583 mi
CORSA LS 16V AUTO1 (0.0%)21 yrs95,285 mi
CORSA LS TD1 (0.0%)48 yrs82,833 mi
CORSA LTD EDN2 (0.0%)5 yrs32,060 mi
CORSA LTD EDN CDTI E-FLEX10 (0.0%)9 yrs79,301 mi
CORSA LTD EDTN CDTI EFLEX1,671 (0.2%)7 yrs66,405 mi
CORSA MERIT9 (0.0%)48 yrs95,556 mi
CORSA MERIT 121 (0.0%)21 yrs75,697 mi
CORSA MONTANA1 (0.0%)24 yrs22,076 mi
CORSA PREMIE1 (0.0%)48 yrs55,787 mi
CORSA PREMIER1 (0.0%)48 yrs72,882 mi
CORSA S860 (0.1%)8 yrs52,515 mi
CORSA S AC674 (0.1%)6 yrs50,845 mi
CORSA S AC CDTI ECOFLEX228 (0.0%)7 yrs63,431 mi
CORSA S AC CDTI ECOFLEX SS 93127 (0.0%)8 yrs56,384 mi
CORSA S AC CDTI EFLEX SS27 (0.0%)8 yrs71,344 mi
CORSA S AC ECOFLEX394 (0.0%)7 yrs43,760 mi
CORSA S AC ECOFLEX SS71 (0.0%)6 yrs48,657 mi
CORSA S AC S-A28 (0.0%)7 yrs39,014 mi
CORSA S CDTI 73 ECOFLEX21 (0.0%)9 yrs90,839 mi
CORSA S CDTI 93 ECOFLEX10 (0.0%)9 yrs90,014 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX205 (0.0%)7 yrs73,427 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS162 (0.0%)6 yrs64,439 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS 5 DR1 (0.0%)8 yrs83,437 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS 9348 (0.0%)7 yrs72,023 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS 93 5D2 (0.0%)8 yrs81,494 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS93 5DR4 (0.0%)8 yrs69,628 mi
CORSA S CDTI SS 93 5DR HATCH1 (0.0%)8 yrs49,757 mi
CORSA S CDTI SS93 5DR HATCH2 (0.0%)8 yrs86,402 mi
CORSA S ECOFLEX6,781 (0.7%)7 yrs45,649 mi
CORSA S ECOFLEX 3DR HATCH1 (0.0%)8 yrs23,708 mi
CORSA S ECOFLEX SS4 (0.0%)8 yrs52,585 mi
CORSA S ECOFLEX SS 93 5DR1 (0.0%)8 yrs70,175 mi
CORSA S S-A54 (0.0%)7 yrs45,001 mi
CORSA SE9,960 (1.1%)7 yrs46,670 mi
CORSA SE 5 DOOR1 (0.0%)8 yrs26,453 mi
CORSA SE AUTO3,957 (0.4%)7 yrs36,952 mi
CORSA SE CDTI168 (0.0%)7 yrs66,031 mi
CORSA SE CDTI 73 ECOFLEX13 (0.0%)9 yrs75,444 mi
CORSA SE CDTI ECOFLEX305 (0.0%)7 yrs62,896 mi
CORSA SE CDTI ECOFLEX 73210 (0.0%)7 yrs66,140 mi
CORSA SE CDTI ECOFLEX 9321 (0.0%)8 yrs62,260 mi
CORSA SE CDTI ECOFLEX SS157 (0.0%)7 yrs61,757 mi
CORSA SE ECOFLEX3 (0.0%)4 yrs33,324 mi
CORSA SE ECOFLEX SS54 (0.0%)7 yrs50,781 mi
CORSA SPEC FLEET CDTI S-A1 (0.0%)9 yrs75,381 mi
CORSA SPECIAL 16V CDTI30 (0.0%)11 yrs102,817 mi
CORSA SPECIAL CDTI E-FLEX3 (0.0%)9 yrs52,541 mi
CORSA SPECIAL CDTIECOFLEX30 (0.0%)7 yrs72,077 mi
CORSA SPECIAL DI2 (0.0%)16 yrs162,461 mi
CORSA SPORT 14I1 (0.0%)48 yrs85,228 mi
CORSA SPORT 16I1 (0.0%)20 yrs57,434 mi
CORSA SPORTIVE CDTI382 (0.0%)8 yrs91,939 mi
CORSA SRI3,094 (0.3%)7 yrs49,302 mi
CORSA SRI 16V140 (0.0%)16 yrs93,635 mi
CORSA SRI 16V TWINPORT31 (0.0%)15 yrs98,849 mi
CORSA SRI 5DOOR HATCHBACK1 (0.0%)7 yrs62,386 mi
CORSA SRI AC8 (0.0%)10 yrs77,001 mi
CORSA SRI CDTI331 (0.0%)7 yrs66,312 mi
CORSA SRI CDTI AC8 (0.0%)10 yrs98,737 mi
CORSA SRI ECOFLEX1 (0.0%)4 yrs20,547 mi
CORSA SRI ECOFLEX SS1 (0.0%)4 yrs26,611 mi
CORSA SRI TURBO1 (0.0%)4 yrs32,715 mi
CORSA SRI VX-LINE AUTO1 (0.0%)4 yrs21,255 mi
CORSA SRI VX-LINE NAV BLACK1 (0.0%)1 yrs471 mi
CORSA SS CDTI ECOFLEX 93 5DR1 (0.0%)8 yrs64,678 mi
CORSA STING7 (0.0%)8 yrs38,008 mi
CORSA STING AC2 (0.0%)6 yrs38,253 mi
CORSA STING ECOFLEX11 (0.0%)6 yrs35,372 mi
CORSA SWB CDTI1 (0.0%)10 yrs79,497 mi
CORSA SWING1 (0.0%)48 yrs92,430 mi
CORSA SXI4,337 (0.5%)8 yrs54,090 mi
CORSA SXI 161 (0.0%)16 yrs103,622 mi
CORSA SXI 16V1,485 (0.2%)16 yrs89,486 mi
CORSA SXI 16V S-A106 (0.0%)13 yrs87,727 mi
CORSA SXI 16V SEMI-AUTO48 (0.0%)17 yrs73,273 mi
CORSA SXI 16V TWINPORT1 (0.0%)14 yrs105,693 mi
CORSA SXI A1 (0.0%)12 yrs60,895 mi
CORSA SXI AC12,831 (1.4%)7 yrs51,927 mi
CORSA SXI AC 16V46 (0.0%)10 yrs68,505 mi
CORSA SXI AC 16V A2 (0.0%)10 yrs67,752 mi
CORSA SXI AC 3 DOOR HATCHBACK1 (0.0%)10 yrs25,879 mi
CORSA SXI AC AUTO438 (0.0%)7 yrs44,214 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI11 (0.0%)11 yrs84,938 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI ECOFLEX63 (0.0%)8 yrs76,718 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI ECOFLEX SS86 (0.0%)6 yrs68,959 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI EFLEX73240 (0.0%)7 yrs62,853 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI EFLEX93208 (0.0%)7 yrs61,791 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTIEFLEX SS49 (0.0%)7 yrs74,776 mi
CORSA SXI AC ECOFLEX SS51 (0.0%)7 yrs57,327 mi
CORSA SXI AC SS64 (0.0%)7 yrs54,079 mi
CORSA SXI AUTO23 (0.0%)8 yrs49,029 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI229 (0.0%)14 yrs106,919 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI 73 ECOFLEX4 (0.0%)9 yrs78,150 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI AC6 (0.0%)10 yrs87,268 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI ECOFLEX28 (0.0%)8 yrs77,421 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI ECOFLEX 739 (0.0%)7 yrs65,412 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI ECOFLEX 9315 (0.0%)7 yrs68,418 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI EFLEX SS1 (0.0%)8 yrs97,746 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI S-A2 (0.0%)14 yrs54,194 mi
CORSA SXI DTI125 (0.0%)16 yrs116,901 mi
CORSA SXI EASYTRONIC1 (0.0%)13 yrs42,077 mi
CORSA SXI ECOFLEX SS6 (0.0%)7 yrs57,432 mi
CORSA SXI INTOUCH12 (0.0%)10 yrs71,654 mi
CORSA SXI PLUS1 (0.0%)16 yrs121,243 mi
CORSA SXI TWINPOR1 (0.0%)14 yrs62,275 mi
CORSA SXI TWINPORT864 (0.1%)14 yrs85,464 mi
CORSA SXI TWINPORT S-A39 (0.0%)14 yrs72,706 mi
CORSA TRIP3 (0.0%)40 yrs70,701 mi
CORSA TRIP 12V2 (0.0%)19 yrs77,642 mi
CORSA TWIN SPORT1 (0.0%)14 yrs76,855 mi
CORSA TWINPORT1 (0.0%)14 yrs135,835 mi
CORSA VAN15 (0.0%)11 yrs113,602 mi
CORSA VEGAS2 (0.0%)48 yrs92,855 mi
CORSA VXR558 (0.1%)6 yrs45,700 mi
CORSA VXR BLUE EDITION21 (0.0%)7 yrs51,710 mi
CORSA VXR NURBURGRING EDITION43 (0.0%)7 yrs50,226 mi
CORSA VXR TURBO31 (0.0%)11 yrs66,665 mi
CORSA VXRACING4 (0.0%)10 yrs58,190 mi


Colour Total
Silver248,811 (27.2%)
Black199,665 (21.8%)
Blue133,424 (14.6%)
Red107,726 (11.8%)
White98,827 (10.8%)
Grey66,956 (7.3%)
Green27,708 (3.0%)
Brown9,455 (1.0%)
Yellow6,922 (0.8%)
Orange6,080 (0.7%)
Gold5,809 (0.6%)
Purple2,621 (0.3%)
Turquoise1,030 (0.1%)
Cream79 (0.0%)
Maroon62 (0.0%)
Bronze52 (0.0%)
Pink44 (0.0%)
Multi-colour17 (0.0%)
Beige13 (0.0%)
Not Stated2 (0.0%)


Engine Total
Petrol809,034 (88.4%)
Diesel106,055 (11.6%)
1229cc Petrol53 (0.0%)
LPG47 (0.0%)
1398cc Petrol29 (0.0%)
1248cc Diesel13 (0.0%)
1199cc Petrol13 (0.0%)
1364cc Petrol13 (0.0%)
Gas Bi-Fuel9 (0.0%)
998cc Petrol8 (0.0%)
1389cc Petrol6 (0.0%)
1598cc Petrol6 (0.0%)
999cc Petrol3 (0.0%)
Electric3 (0.0%)
1686cc Diesel2 (0.0%)
1796cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1998cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
Other1 (0.0%)
1196cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
Steam1 (0.0%)
973cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1248cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1300cc Diesel1 (0.0%)
1362cc Petrol1 (0.0%)

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