These stats won't show how many VAUXHALL CORSA were made or sold but they do show how many VAUXHALL CORSA are left on the road.

There are 31,344,532 cars & other vehicles with valid MOTs.

There are 944,897 VAUXHALL CORSA left in the UK with an MOT. 3.01% of all UK vehicles are VAUXHALL CORSA. Vehicle data is updated in near real-time as they pass & fail MOT tests.


CORSA846,850 (89.6%)
CORSA SXI AC12,967 (1.4%)
CORSA SE10,128 (1.1%)

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Colour Total
Silver236,313 (25.0%)
Black205,369 (21.7%)
Blue133,960 (14.2%)

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This chart shows how many VAUXHALL CORSAS are left from each year (green) along with their average mileage (black).


CORSA846,850 (89.6%)
CORSA SXI AC12,967 (1.4%)
CORSA SE10,128 (1.1%)
CORSA S ECOFLEX6,790 (0.7%)
CORSA ACTIVE AC5,356 (0.6%)
CORSA SXI4,274 (0.5%)
CORSA SE AUTO3,981 (0.4%)
CORSA SRI3,163 (0.3%)
CORSA ENERGY AC3,139 (0.3%)


The VAUXHALL CORSA model variants are as they are on the Car Logbook; there are typos & mistakes.

CORSA846,850 (89.6%)10 yrs60,602 mi
CORSA 123 (0.0%)15 yrs83,252 mi
CORSA 12 AC1 (0.0%)11 yrs84,280 mi
CORSA 12001 (0.0%)10 yrs94,910 mi
CORSA 1398 SE1 (0.0%)9 yrs53,467 mi
CORSA 14 16V SPORT2 (0.0%)24 yrs57,957 mi
CORSA 14 CAPITAL2 (0.0%)22 yrs85,153 mi
CORSA 14001 (0.0%)10 yrs59,590 mi
CORSA 16V6 (0.0%)19 yrs58,785 mi
CORSA 16V SPECIAL1 (0.0%)18 yrs84,207 mi
CORSA 17D EPIC1 (0.0%)21 yrs58,762 mi
CORSA ACTIVE1,280 (0.1%)8 yrs55,706 mi
CORSA ACTIVE 12V373 (0.0%)16 yrs78,266 mi
CORSA ACTIVE 16V7 (0.0%)14 yrs66,185 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AC5,356 (0.6%)8 yrs52,175 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AC CDTI ECOFLEX931 (0.1%)8 yrs79,556 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AC ECOFLEX263 (0.0%)8 yrs50,979 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AC S-A65 (0.0%)8 yrs52,813 mi
CORSA ACTIVE AUTO3 (0.0%)14 yrs64,176 mi
CORSA ACTIVE ECOFLEX488 (0.1%)8 yrs55,067 mi
CORSA ACTIVE ECOFLEX CDTI176 (0.0%)11 yrs89,408 mi
CORSA ACTIVE PLUS48 (0.0%)11 yrs72,853 mi
CORSA ACTIVE PLUS EF CDTI5 (0.0%)11 yrs93,774 mi
CORSA ACTIVE PLUS S-A5 (0.0%)12 yrs46,256 mi
CORSA ACTIVE S-A16 (0.0%)11 yrs54,543 mi
CORSA ACTIVE TWINPORT5 (0.0%)16 yrs68,065 mi
CORSA AUTO1 (0.0%)8 yrs49,041 mi
CORSA BASE7 (0.0%)8 yrs32,945 mi
CORSA BLACK EDITION978 (0.1%)7 yrs56,241 mi
CORSA BREEZE61 (0.0%)12 yrs65,740 mi
CORSA BREEZE 12V45 (0.0%)22 yrs67,229 mi
CORSA BREEZE 16V62 (0.0%)21 yrs66,805 mi
CORSA BREEZE 16V AUTO10 (0.0%)22 yrs46,283 mi
CORSA BREEZE CDTI146 (0.0%)12 yrs102,227 mi
CORSA BREEZE CDTI S-A1 (0.0%)15 yrs44,328 mi
CORSA BREEZE HI-TORQ54 (0.0%)22 yrs80,140 mi
CORSA BREEZE HI-TORQ AUTO4 (0.0%)22 yrs45,683 mi
CORSA BREEZE PLUS21 (0.0%)12 yrs86,880 mi
CORSA BREEZE PLUS CDTI15 (0.0%)12 yrs97,825 mi
CORSA BREEZE PLUS S-A1 (0.0%)12 yrs69,479 mi
CORSA BREEZE S-A1 (0.0%)12 yrs42,348 mi
CORSA C1 (0.0%)16 yrs51,039 mi
CORSA CAR DERIVED VAN1 (0.0%)6 yrs74,400 mi
CORSA CDT1 (0.0%)13 yrs89,661 mi
CORSA CDTI574 (0.1%)12 yrs120,985 mi
CORSA CDTI 3DR VAN ECOFLEX1 (0.0%)10 yrs66,377 mi
CORSA CDTI 95 ECO FLEX S1 (0.0%)10 yrs146,231 mi
CORSA CDTI AC42 (0.0%)11 yrs109,673 mi
CORSA CDTI ECOFLEX756 (0.1%)8 yrs102,392 mi
CORSA CDTI ECOFLEX 3DR VAN1 (0.0%)10 yrs65,465 mi
CORSA CDTI ECOFLEX SS266 (0.0%)8 yrs94,260 mi
CORSA CDTI ECOFLEX SS 5DR1 (0.0%)9 yrs129,277 mi
CORSA CDTI SS65 (0.0%)8 yrs100,090 mi
CORSA CDTI SS 93 5DR HATCH1 (0.0%)9 yrs100,553 mi
CORSA CDX 16V AUTO1 (0.0%)21 yrs70,371 mi
CORSA CLASSIC17 (0.0%)14 yrs65,143 mi
CORSA CLUB40 (0.0%)13 yrs80,710 mi
CORSA CLUB 12V7 (0.0%)18 yrs101,648 mi
CORSA CLUB 16V1,105 (0.1%)18 yrs81,951 mi
CORSA CLUB 16V AUTO104 (0.0%)20 yrs66,189 mi
CORSA CLUB 16V EASYTRONIC145 (0.0%)18 yrs69,589 mi
CORSA CLUB 16V TWINPORT A1 (0.0%)11 yrs28,868 mi
CORSA CLUB AC482 (0.1%)12 yrs79,141 mi
CORSA CLUB AC 16V3 (0.0%)11 yrs84,626 mi
CORSA CLUB AC 16V AUTO17 (0.0%)11 yrs59,884 mi
CORSA CLUB AC AUTO308 (0.0%)12 yrs62,357 mi
CORSA CLUB AC CDTI90 (0.0%)12 yrs100,603 mi
CORSA CLUB AC CDTI E-FLEX10 (0.0%)11 yrs108,047 mi
CORSA CLUB AC S-A38 (0.0%)13 yrs69,108 mi
CORSA CLUB AUTO1 (0.0%)11 yrs75,778 mi
CORSA CLUB CDTI4 (0.0%)12 yrs83,043 mi
CORSA CLUB D1 (0.0%)17 yrs85,354 mi
CORSA CLUB DI12 (0.0%)18 yrs111,770 mi
CORSA CLUB S-A1 (0.0%)14 yrs74,102 mi
CORSA CLUB TD1 (0.0%)20 yrs98,322 mi
CORSA COMBO2 (0.0%)10 yrs90,387 mi
CORSA COMBO 1700 CDTI51 (0.0%)9 yrs106,049 mi
CORSA COMBO 1700 SE CDTI150 (0.0%)8 yrs94,388 mi
CORSA COMBO 1700 SE CDTI S-A1 (0.0%)10 yrs116,214 mi
CORSA COMBO 2000 SE CDTI2 (0.0%)10 yrs100,941 mi
CORSA COMFORT 12V4 (0.0%)19 yrs59,910 mi
CORSA COMFORT 16V4 (0.0%)19 yrs55,707 mi
CORSA COMFORT 16V AUTO1 (0.0%)19 yrs69,020 mi
CORSA COMFORT 16V SEMI-AUTO1 (0.0%)19 yrs52,879 mi
CORSA D1 (0.0%)16 yrs99,683 mi
CORSA DESIGN133 (0.0%)12 yrs70,964 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V621 (0.1%)16 yrs85,844 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V AUTO374 (0.0%)15 yrs66,663 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V T-PORT8 (0.0%)11 yrs68,121 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V T-PORT A39 (0.0%)11 yrs54,117 mi
CORSA DESIGN 16V TWINPORT116 (0.0%)13 yrs81,568 mi
CORSA DESIGN AC2 (0.0%)6 yrs47,096 mi
CORSA DESIGN AC S-A5 (0.0%)6 yrs34,653 mi
CORSA DESIGN AUTO62 (0.0%)11 yrs63,503 mi
CORSA DESIGN CDTI53 (0.0%)13 yrs93,433 mi
CORSA DESIGN CDTI ECOFLEX21 (0.0%)11 yrs84,008 mi
CORSA DESIGN CDTI ECOFLEX SS2 (0.0%)4 yrs79,711 mi
CORSA DESIGN DUAL FUEL1 (0.0%)16 yrs42,288 mi
CORSA DESIGN DUALFUEL S-A1 (0.0%)15 yrs91,055 mi
CORSA DESIGN ECOFLEX SS S-A1 (0.0%)5 yrs40,723 mi
CORSA DESIGN INTOUCH3 (0.0%)11 yrs82,295 mi
CORSA DESIGN SEMI-AUTO17 (0.0%)16 yrs55,938 mi
CORSA DESIGN TWINPORT987 (0.1%)15 yrs84,331 mi
CORSA DESIGN TWINPORT S-A59 (0.0%)15 yrs68,114 mi
CORSA DIESEL1 (0.0%)9 yrs54,324 mi
CORSA DUALFUEL1 (0.0%)15 yrs110,456 mi
CORSA ECO FLEX2 (0.0%)10 yrs111,824 mi
CORSA ECO-FLEX1 (0.0%)6 yrs67,649 mi
CORSA ECOFLEX 3DR1 (0.0%)9 yrs117,294 mi
CORSA ECOFLEX 5DR HATCH BACK1 (0.0%)9 yrs75,816 mi
CORSA ECOFLEX S 3DR1 (0.0%)9 yrs86,228 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE1 (0.0%)17 yrs97,444 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE 12V1 (0.0%)17 yrs121,359 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE 161 (0.0%)20 yrs83,412 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE 16V6 (0.0%)17 yrs79,415 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE 16V AUTO1 (0.0%)18 yrs47,662 mi
CORSA ELEGANCE 16V SEMI-AUTO1 (0.0%)18 yrs27,740 mi
CORSA ENERGY947 (0.1%)8 yrs54,485 mi
CORSA ENERGY 16V85 (0.0%)16 yrs79,747 mi
CORSA ENERGY 16V S-A1 (0.0%)16 yrs35,299 mi
CORSA ENERGY AC3,139 (0.3%)7 yrs48,472 mi
CORSA ENERGY AC CDTI ECOFLEX508 (0.1%)7 yrs74,150 mi
CORSA ENERGY AC ECOFLEX222 (0.0%)7 yrs48,803 mi
CORSA ENERGY AC S-A60 (0.0%)7 yrs38,971 mi
CORSA ENERGY CDTI13 (0.0%)16 yrs118,950 mi
CORSA ENERGY CDTI ECOFLEX8 (0.0%)9 yrs71,633 mi
CORSA ENERGY CDTI73 EFLEX52 (0.0%)10 yrs92,633 mi
CORSA ENERGY CDTI93 EFLEX5 (0.0%)10 yrs80,099 mi
CORSA ENERGY ECOFLEX578 (0.1%)8 yrs51,670 mi
CORSA ENERGY S-A12 (0.0%)10 yrs46,605 mi
CORSA ENERGY SS1 (0.0%)1 yrs993 mi
CORSA ENERGY TWINPORT129 (0.0%)16 yrs78,922 mi
CORSA ENERGY TWINPORT S-A8 (0.0%)16 yrs55,922 mi
CORSA ENVOY 12V2 (0.0%)21 yrs93,035 mi
CORSA EXC AC CDTI ECOFLEX SS648 (0.1%)7 yrs72,988 mi
CORSA EXC AC CDTI EFLEX SS 93454 (0.0%)8 yrs79,294 mi
CORSA EXC AC CDTIEFLEX SS34 (0.0%)9 yrs88,964 mi
CORSA EXC CDTI EFLEX SS18 (0.0%)8 yrs85,873 mi
CORSA EXCITE509 (0.1%)9 yrs61,789 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC2,197 (0.2%)9 yrs56,634 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC AUTO1 (0.0%)5 yrs28,134 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC CDTI ECOFLEX488 (0.1%)9 yrs86,583 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC ECOFEX20 (0.0%)9 yrs60,421 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC ECOFLEX294 (0.0%)9 yrs56,381 mi
CORSA EXCITE AC S-A72 (0.0%)9 yrs51,609 mi
CORSA EXCITE ECOFEX63 (0.0%)8 yrs56,175 mi
CORSA EXCITE ECOFLEX71 (0.0%)9 yrs58,362 mi
CORSA EXC-IV AC CDTIEFLEX1,381 (0.1%)8 yrs89,173 mi
CORSA EXC-IV CDTI73 EFLEX58 (0.0%)10 yrs107,664 mi
CORSA EXC-IV CDTI93 EFLEX29 (0.0%)10 yrs100,142 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV1,044 (0.1%)9 yrs64,108 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AC2,920 (0.3%)8 yrs56,408 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AC AUTO451 (0.0%)8 yrs45,608 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AC ECOFLEX SS135 (0.0%)7 yrs52,665 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AC S-A428 (0.0%)8 yrs47,885 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV AUTO182 (0.0%)9 yrs51,596 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV CDTI ECOFLEX11 (0.0%)8 yrs87,686 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV CDTI EFLEX76 (0.0%)8 yrs78,264 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV CDTIECFLEX SS73 (0.0%)7 yrs77,677 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV CDTIEFLEX SS 9383 (0.0%)8 yrs85,642 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV ECOFLEX SS17 (0.0%)8 yrs54,909 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV S-A126 (0.0%)9 yrs54,050 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIV TWINPORT6 (0.0%)16 yrs53,927 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIVE AC ECOFLEX SS2 (0.0%)9 yrs67,996 mi
CORSA EXCLUSIVE ECOFLEX SS2 (0.0%)9 yrs66,839 mi
CORSA EXPRESSION 12V34 (0.0%)19 yrs76,026 mi
CORSA EXPRESSION ECOFLEX11 (0.0%)8 yrs38,534 mi
CORSA EXPRESSION TWINPORT6 (0.0%)15 yrs72,213 mi
CORSA GLS 12V1 (0.0%)21 yrs41,819 mi
CORSA GLS 16V44 (0.0%)17 yrs87,899 mi
CORSA GLS 16V AUTO2 (0.0%)21 yrs61,263 mi
CORSA GRIFFIN SS1 (0.0%)1 yrs1,362 mi
CORSA GSI 16V2 (0.0%)26 yrs64,344 mi
CORSA LIFE72 (0.0%)12 yrs64,621 mi
CORSA LIFE 12V160 (0.0%)18 yrs81,186 mi
CORSA LIFE 12V SEMI-AUTO10 (0.0%)18 yrs78,737 mi
CORSA LIFE 16V47 (0.0%)16 yrs74,539 mi
CORSA LIFE AC343 (0.0%)12 yrs78,875 mi
CORSA LIFE AC CDTI10 (0.0%)12 yrs104,550 mi
CORSA LIFE AC CDTI EC-LEX1 (0.0%)10 yrs33,975 mi
CORSA LIFE AC S-A45 (0.0%)12 yrs65,821 mi
CORSA LIFE CDTI29 (0.0%)13 yrs84,882 mi
CORSA LIFE CDTI ECOFLEX6 (0.0%)11 yrs68,751 mi
CORSA LIFE ECO FLEX1 (0.0%)11 yrs114,765 mi
CORSA LIFE ECO TPORT S-A4 (0.0%)15 yrs73,857 mi
CORSA LIFE S-A1 (0.0%)11 yrs51,878 mi
CORSA LIFE TWINPORT697 (0.1%)15 yrs79,837 mi
CORSA LIFE TWINPORT S-A50 (0.0%)15 yrs64,166 mi
CORSA LIMITED EDITION9,538 (1.0%)8 yrs58,393 mi
CORSA LIMITED EDITION AUTO2 (0.0%)7 yrs25,010 mi
CORSA LS3 (0.0%)25 yrs116,703 mi
CORSA LS 12V1 (0.0%)22 yrs75,924 mi
CORSA LS 16V AUTO1 (0.0%)22 yrs97,137 mi
CORSA LTD EDN1 (0.0%)6 yrs33,260 mi
CORSA LTD EDN CDTI E-FLEX9 (0.0%)10 yrs92,289 mi
CORSA LTD EDTN CDTI EFLEX1,652 (0.2%)8 yrs74,745 mi
CORSA MERIT1 (0.0%)26 yrs97,488 mi
CORSA MERIT 121 (0.0%)22 yrs79,418 mi
CORSA S857 (0.1%)9 yrs59,284 mi
CORSA S AC688 (0.1%)7 yrs56,898 mi
CORSA S AC CDTI ECOFLEX227 (0.0%)8 yrs72,214 mi
CORSA S AC CDTI ECOFLEX SS 93125 (0.0%)9 yrs67,256 mi
CORSA S AC CDTI EFLEX SS27 (0.0%)9 yrs71,997 mi
CORSA S AC ECOFLEX388 (0.0%)8 yrs49,147 mi
CORSA S AC ECOFLEX SS71 (0.0%)7 yrs55,573 mi
CORSA S AC S-A32 (0.0%)8 yrs42,529 mi
CORSA S CDTI 73 ECOFLEX17 (0.0%)10 yrs105,886 mi
CORSA S CDTI 93 ECOFLEX10 (0.0%)10 yrs95,222 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX203 (0.0%)8 yrs82,400 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS162 (0.0%)7 yrs75,572 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS 5 DR1 (0.0%)9 yrs102,165 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS 9342 (0.0%)8 yrs83,595 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS 93 5D2 (0.0%)9 yrs85,309 mi
CORSA S CDTI ECOFLEX SS93 5DR4 (0.0%)9 yrs81,870 mi
CORSA S CDTI SS 93 5DR HATCH1 (0.0%)9 yrs55,243 mi
CORSA S CDTI SS93 5DR HATCH1 (0.0%)9 yrs77,270 mi
CORSA S ECO1 (0.0%)8 yrs84,808 mi
CORSA S ECOFLEX6,790 (0.7%)8 yrs52,525 mi
CORSA S ECOFLEX 3DR HATCH1 (0.0%)9 yrs25,176 mi
CORSA S ECOFLEX SS3 (0.0%)9 yrs61,204 mi
CORSA S ECOFLEX SS 93 5DR1 (0.0%)9 yrs93,714 mi
CORSA S S-A55 (0.0%)8 yrs47,699 mi
CORSA SE10,128 (1.1%)8 yrs53,547 mi
CORSA SE 5 DOOR1 (0.0%)9 yrs32,047 mi
CORSA SE AUTO3,981 (0.4%)8 yrs42,482 mi
CORSA SE CDTI163 (0.0%)8 yrs73,561 mi
CORSA SE CDTI 73 ECOFLEX12 (0.0%)10 yrs87,303 mi
CORSA SE CDTI ECOFLEX301 (0.0%)8 yrs71,698 mi
CORSA SE CDTI ECOFLEX 73210 (0.0%)8 yrs75,433 mi
CORSA SE CDTI ECOFLEX 9325 (0.0%)9 yrs74,880 mi
CORSA SE CDTI ECOFLEX SS148 (0.0%)8 yrs70,363 mi
CORSA SE CDTI ECOXFLEX 731 (0.0%)8 yrs25,456 mi
CORSA SE ECOFLEX3 (0.0%)5 yrs42,395 mi
CORSA SE ECOFLEX SS49 (0.0%)8 yrs59,895 mi
CORSA SE NAV SS1 (0.0%)1 yrs3,135 mi
CORSA SE PREMIUM TURBO1 (0.0%)0 yrs0 mi
CORSA SPEC FLEET CDTI S-A1 (0.0%)10 yrs78,629 mi
CORSA SPECIAL 16V CDTI29 (0.0%)12 yrs101,069 mi
CORSA SPECIAL CDTI E-FLEX3 (0.0%)10 yrs63,213 mi
CORSA SPECIAL CDTIECOFLEX27 (0.0%)8 yrs76,332 mi
CORSA SPORT 14I1 (0.0%)20 yrs55,085 mi
CORSA SPORT SS1 (0.0%)1 yrs5,920 mi
CORSA SPORTIVE CDTI374 (0.0%)9 yrs100,173 mi
CORSA SRI3,163 (0.3%)8 yrs56,782 mi
CORSA SRI 16V120 (0.0%)17 yrs95,760 mi
CORSA SRI 16V TWINPORT26 (0.0%)15 yrs96,941 mi
CORSA SRI 5DOOR HATCHBACK1 (0.0%)8 yrs65,982 mi
CORSA SRI AC9 (0.0%)11 yrs82,698 mi
CORSA SRI CDTI322 (0.0%)8 yrs74,025 mi
CORSA SRI CDTI AC10 (0.0%)11 yrs109,654 mi
CORSA SRI ECOFLEX1 (0.0%)5 yrs24,528 mi
CORSA SRI NAV SS1 (0.0%)1 yrs882 mi
CORSA SRI TURBO1 (0.0%)5 yrs40,232 mi
CORSA SRI VX-LINE AUTO1 (0.0%)5 yrs30,103 mi
CORSA SRI VX-LINE NAV BLACK2 (0.0%)2 yrs3,199 mi
CORSA SS CDTI ECOFLEX 93 5DR1 (0.0%)9 yrs68,082 mi
CORSA STING6 (0.0%)6 yrs53,112 mi
CORSA STING AC2 (0.0%)7 yrs45,754 mi
CORSA STING ECOFLEX14 (0.0%)7 yrs41,465 mi
CORSA SWB CDTI1 (0.0%)11 yrs79,497 mi
CORSA SXI4,274 (0.5%)9 yrs60,605 mi
CORSA SXI 161 (0.0%)17 yrs106,627 mi
CORSA SXI 16V1,086 (0.1%)17 yrs90,042 mi
CORSA SXI 16V S-A90 (0.0%)14 yrs88,355 mi
CORSA SXI 16V SEMI-AUTO36 (0.0%)18 yrs70,849 mi
CORSA SXI 16V TWINPORT2 (0.0%)13 yrs93,802 mi
CORSA SXI AC12,967 (1.4%)8 yrs58,431 mi
CORSA SXI AC 16V49 (0.0%)11 yrs74,040 mi
CORSA SXI AC 16V A2 (0.0%)11 yrs75,652 mi
CORSA SXI AC 3 DOOR HATCHBACK1 (0.0%)11 yrs34,014 mi
CORSA SXI AC AUTO452 (0.0%)8 yrs49,922 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI10 (0.0%)12 yrs95,340 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI ECOFLEX66 (0.0%)9 yrs85,743 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI ECOFLEX SS84 (0.0%)7 yrs76,150 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI EFLEX73247 (0.0%)8 yrs71,455 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTI EFLEX93216 (0.0%)8 yrs70,237 mi
CORSA SXI AC CDTIEFLEX SS46 (0.0%)8 yrs83,557 mi
CORSA SXI AC ECOFLEX SS57 (0.0%)8 yrs64,005 mi
CORSA SXI AC SS60 (0.0%)8 yrs62,130 mi
CORSA SXI AUTO24 (0.0%)9 yrs58,326 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI176 (0.0%)15 yrs105,527 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI 73 ECOFLEX4 (0.0%)10 yrs90,742 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI AC5 (0.0%)10 yrs89,758 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI ECOFLEX27 (0.0%)9 yrs87,127 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI ECOFLEX 739 (0.0%)8 yrs70,020 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI ECOFLEX 9314 (0.0%)8 yrs74,684 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI EFLEX SS2 (0.0%)9 yrs88,664 mi
CORSA SXI CDTI S-A1 (0.0%)15 yrs71,332 mi
CORSA SXI DTI95 (0.0%)17 yrs117,357 mi
CORSA SXI EASYTRONIC1 (0.0%)14 yrs52,374 mi
CORSA SXI ECOFLEX SS6 (0.0%)8 yrs61,341 mi
CORSA SXI INTOUCH14 (0.0%)11 yrs77,968 mi
CORSA SXI PLUS1 (0.0%)17 yrs137,416 mi
CORSA SXI TWINPOR1 (0.0%)15 yrs63,462 mi
CORSA SXI TWINPORT643 (0.1%)15 yrs88,042 mi
CORSA SXI TWINPORT S-A30 (0.0%)15 yrs78,759 mi
CORSA TRIP1 (0.0%)24 yrs92,184 mi
CORSA TRIP 12V1 (0.0%)20 yrs102,058 mi
CORSA TURBO LIMITED EDITION1 (0.0%)4 yrs36,408 mi
CORSA TWIN SPORT1 (0.0%)15 yrs81,192 mi
CORSA VAN16 (0.0%)12 yrs119,597 mi
CORSA VXR541 (0.1%)7 yrs52,533 mi
CORSA VXR BLUE EDITION24 (0.0%)8 yrs62,041 mi
CORSA VXR NURBURGRING EDITION47 (0.0%)8 yrs58,641 mi
CORSA VXR TURBO28 (0.0%)12 yrs72,412 mi
CORSA VXRACING2 (0.0%)11 yrs76,043 mi


Colour Total
Silver236,313 (25.0%)
Black205,369 (21.7%)
Blue133,960 (14.2%)
Red115,178 (12.2%)
White112,887 (11.9%)
Grey84,066 (8.9%)
Green25,282 (2.7%)
Brown9,594 (1.0%)
Yellow7,163 (0.8%)
Orange6,174 (0.7%)
Gold5,438 (0.6%)
Purple2,350 (0.2%)
Turquoise824 (0.1%)
Cream112 (0.0%)
Bronze61 (0.0%)
Maroon57 (0.0%)
Pink36 (0.0%)
Multi-colour18 (0.0%)
Beige15 (0.0%)


Engine Total
Petrol841,587 (89.1%)
Diesel103,038 (10.9%)
1398cc Petrol71 (0.0%)
1229cc Petrol61 (0.0%)
LPG33 (0.0%)
1248cc Diesel23 (0.0%)
1199cc Petrol16 (0.0%)
998cc Petrol14 (0.0%)
1364cc Petrol13 (0.0%)
Gas Bi-Fuel9 (0.0%)
1598cc Petrol8 (0.0%)
973cc Petrol4 (0.0%)
1389cc Petrol4 (0.0%)
Electric3 (0.0%)
1686cc Diesel2 (0.0%)
999cc Petrol2 (0.0%)
1362cc Petrol2 (0.0%)
1968cc Petrol2 (0.0%)
3200cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1196cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1896cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
Other1 (0.0%)
Steam1 (0.0%)

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