These stats won't show how many VAUXHALL ASTRA were made or sold but they do show how many VAUXHALL ASTRA are left on the road.

There are 31,531,563 cars & other vehicles with valid MOTs.

There are 805,301 VAUXHALL ASTRA left in the UK with an MOT. 2.55% of all UK vehicles are VAUXHALL ASTRA. Vehicle data is updated in near real-time as they pass & fail MOT tests.


ASTRA722,030 (89.7%)
ASTRA GTC19,243 (2.4%)
ASTRAVAN14,433 (1.8%)

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Colour Total
Silver236,032 (29.3%)
Black174,091 (21.6%)
Blue106,688 (13.2%)

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This chart shows how many VAUXHALL ASTRAS are left from each year (green) along with their average mileage (black).


ASTRA722,030 (89.7%)
ASTRA GTC19,243 (2.4%)
ASTRAVAN14,433 (1.8%)
ASTRA SRI5,592 (0.7%)
ASTRA ACTIVE3,100 (0.4%)
ASTRA SRI CDTI SS2,483 (0.3%)
ASTRA ENERGY2,111 (0.3%)
ASTRA ELITE1,491 (0.2%)


The VAUXHALL ASTRA model variants are as they are on the Car Logbook; there are typos & mistakes.

ASATRA1 (0.0%)17 yrs232,716 mi
ASRA1 (0.0%)11 yrs60,427 mi
ASRTA1 (0.0%)14 yrs140,079 mi
ASTAR2 (0.0%)11 yrs108,409 mi
ASTR SPORTIVE CDTI VAN1 (0.0%)12 yrs144,538 mi
ASTRA722,030 (89.7%)11 yrs79,189 mi
ASTRA 13L1 (0.0%)34 yrs26,497 mi
ASTRA 14L1 (0.0%)15 yrs101,168 mi
ASTRA 16GL1 (0.0%)31 yrs76,480 mi
ASTRA 16V BERTONE22 (0.0%)18 yrs80,271 mi
ASTRA 16V COMFORT DUALFUEL2 (0.0%)18 yrs116,471 mi
ASTRA 16V ELEGANCE82 (0.0%)18 yrs102,823 mi
ASTRA 16V ELEGANCE AUTO69 (0.0%)18 yrs90,478 mi
ASTRA 17TD1 (0.0%)17 yrs99,656 mi
ASTRA 181 (0.0%)23 yrs94,623 mi
ASTRA 19 CDTI1 (0.0%)13 yrs195,882 mi
ASTRA 20I BERTONE1 (0.0%)26 yrs155,490 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE3,100 (0.4%)9 yrs62,299 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE AUTO3 (0.0%)13 yrs51,436 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE CDTI622 (0.1%)9 yrs86,550 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE ECOFLEX CDTI3 (0.0%)12 yrs124,794 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE E-FLEX CDTI1 (0.0%)11 yrs100,176 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE LIMITED ED CDTI70 (0.0%)9 yrs89,161 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE LIMITED EDITION147 (0.0%)9 yrs60,471 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE PLUS50 (0.0%)12 yrs84,137 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE PLUS AUTO1 (0.0%)12 yrs65,276 mi
ASTRA ACTIVE PLUS CDTI1 (0.0%)12 yrs134,419 mi
ASTRA ARCTIC 16V1 (0.0%)24 yrs47,281 mi
ASTRA BERTONE10 (0.0%)18 yrs98,563 mi
ASTRA BERTONE EDIT 100 T1 (0.0%)18 yrs126,051 mi
ASTRA BERTONE EDITION 1007 (0.0%)17 yrs83,815 mi
ASTRA BERTONE EXCLUSIVE46 (0.0%)15 yrs91,985 mi
ASTRA BERTONE TWINPORT7 (0.0%)17 yrs98,271 mi
ASTRA BREEZE166 (0.0%)14 yrs90,550 mi
ASTRA BREEZE AUTO1 (0.0%)14 yrs144,785 mi
ASTRA BREEZE CDTI12 (0.0%)14 yrs134,291 mi
ASTRA BREEZE PLUS4 (0.0%)12 yrs102,314 mi
ASTRA BREEZE S-A2 (0.0%)16 yrs126,165 mi
ASTRA CD1 (0.0%)17 yrs104,181 mi
ASTRA CD 16V1 (0.0%)21 yrs103,248 mi
ASTRA CD DTI5 (0.0%)15 yrs121,497 mi
ASTRA CD I AUTO2 (0.0%)28 yrs69,461 mi
ASTRA CDI1 (0.0%)28 yrs135,344 mi
ASTRA CDTI13 (0.0%)14 yrs138,839 mi
ASTRA CDTI 1002 (0.0%)12 yrs139,816 mi
ASTRA CDTI BITURBO5 (0.0%)8 yrs93,471 mi
ASTRA CDTI ECO FLEX1 (0.0%)12 yrs139,888 mi
ASTRA CDTI SRI1 (0.0%)9 yrs96,749 mi
ASTRA CDTI16V 90 LIFE1 (0.0%)13 yrs135,525 mi
ASTRA CDX 16V1 (0.0%)20 yrs69,260 mi
ASTRA CESARO1 (0.0%)28 yrs163,721 mi
ASTRA CLUB68 (0.0%)13 yrs83,635 mi
ASTRA CLUB 16V49 (0.0%)13 yrs122,830 mi
ASTRA CLUB 16V AUTO8 (0.0%)20 yrs69,093 mi
ASTRA CLUB 16V S-A3 (0.0%)14 yrs116,030 mi
ASTRA CLUB 8V13 (0.0%)19 yrs82,036 mi
ASTRA CLUB A2 (0.0%)13 yrs86,296 mi
ASTRA CLUB AC 16V3 (0.0%)14 yrs138,909 mi
ASTRA CLUB AC CDTI21 (0.0%)12 yrs149,350 mi
ASTRA CLUB AUTO18 (0.0%)16 yrs80,366 mi
ASTRA CLUB CDTI1,370 (0.2%)13 yrs142,074 mi
ASTRA CLUB CDTI 10013 (0.0%)13 yrs146,601 mi
ASTRA CLUB CDTI 803 (0.0%)17 yrs152,997 mi
ASTRA CLUB CDTI 909 (0.0%)13 yrs102,895 mi
ASTRA CLUB CDTI AUTO9 (0.0%)12 yrs146,970 mi
ASTRA CLUB DI 16V4 (0.0%)22 yrs171,610 mi
ASTRA CLUB DUALFUEL3 (0.0%)18 yrs120,647 mi
ASTRA CLUB ECOFLEX965 (0.1%)9 yrs111,694 mi
ASTRA CLUB ECOFLEX CDTI25 (0.0%)12 yrs132,413 mi
ASTRA CLUB ECOTEC 18L1 (0.0%)17 yrs70,167 mi
ASTRA CLUB S-A8 (0.0%)14 yrs83,752 mi
ASTRA CLUB TWINPOR1 (0.0%)17 yrs109,219 mi
ASTRA CLUB TWINPORT1,066 (0.1%)15 yrs97,777 mi
ASTRA CLUB TWINPORT S-A74 (0.0%)16 yrs93,053 mi
ASTRA CLUB16V ECO TEC1 (0.0%)16 yrs88,221 mi
ASTRA COMFORT ECO TEC 16L1 (0.0%)19 yrs0 mi
ASTRA CONVERTABLE1 (0.0%)12 yrs100,737 mi
ASTRA CONVERTIBLE6 (0.0%)27 yrs83,415 mi
ASTRA COUPE1 (0.0%)17 yrs47,715 mi
ASTRA COUPE CONVERTIBLE231 (0.0%)18 yrs99,480 mi
ASTRA COUPE CONVERTIBLE AUTO24 (0.0%)18 yrs85,909 mi
ASTRA COUPE TURBO1 (0.0%)19 yrs0 mi
ASTRA D1 (0.0%)13 yrs191,898 mi
ASTRA DESIGN399 (0.0%)13 yrs93,609 mi
ASTRA DESIGN 16V2 (0.0%)15 yrs106,900 mi
ASTRA DESIGN 16V S-A1 (0.0%)15 yrs97,474 mi
ASTRA DESIGN A114 (0.0%)14 yrs80,521 mi
ASTRA DESIGN AUTO126 (0.0%)14 yrs82,815 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI35 (0.0%)14 yrs126,253 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI 10010 (0.0%)14 yrs105,634 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI 1181 (0.0%)11 yrs112,378 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI 1207 (0.0%)14 yrs113,232 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI 151 (0.0%)16 yrs111,749 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI 1505 (0.0%)13 yrs98,129 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI 8V1 (0.0%)13 yrs154,087 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI A2 (0.0%)15 yrs113,176 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI AUTO4 (0.0%)14 yrs132,108 mi
ASTRA DESIGN CDTI ECOFLEX SS10 (0.0%)7 yrs89,437 mi
ASTRA DESIGN ECO TEC 18L2 (0.0%)13 yrs70,733 mi
ASTRA DESIGN ECOFLEX CDTI13 (0.0%)11 yrs132,717 mi
ASTRA DESIGN S-A38 (0.0%)14 yrs92,659 mi
ASTRA DESIGN SEMI-AUTO1 (0.0%)15 yrs85,204 mi
ASTRA DESIGN TURBO 1702 (0.0%)16 yrs101,791 mi
ASTRA DESIGN TWIN TOP A6 (0.0%)14 yrs83,522 mi
ASTRA DESIGN TWINPORT374 (0.0%)16 yrs100,829 mi
ASTRA DESIGN TWINPORT S-A35 (0.0%)16 yrs94,109 mi
ASTRA DES-N CDTI 120 8V A5 (0.0%)13 yrs107,722 mi
ASTRA DTI 16V SPORTIVE59 (0.0%)19 yrs153,526 mi
ASTRA DUALFUEL1 (0.0%)16 yrs0 mi
ASTRA DUO1 (0.0%)25 yrs62,685 mi
ASTRA ECOFLEX1 (0.0%)12 yrs161,869 mi
ASTRA ECOFLEX LIFE ESTATE2 (0.0%)12 yrs89,278 mi
ASTRA ELEGANCE DUALFUEL1 (0.0%)18 yrs142,876 mi
ASTRA ELITE1,491 (0.2%)9 yrs59,351 mi
ASTRA ELITE 16V1 (0.0%)14 yrs56,254 mi
ASTRA ELITE A14 (0.0%)13 yrs86,812 mi
ASTRA ELITE AUTO469 (0.1%)9 yrs52,095 mi
ASTRA ELITE CDTI67 (0.0%)10 yrs99,801 mi
ASTRA ELITE CDTI 1201 (0.0%)16 yrs95,976 mi
ASTRA ELITE CDTI 120 8V A1 (0.0%)12 yrs30,831 mi
ASTRA ELITE CDTI 1234 (0.0%)11 yrs122,910 mi
ASTRA ELITE CDTI 1575 (0.0%)10 yrs131,190 mi
ASTRA ELITE CDTI 157 AUTO2 (0.0%)11 yrs39,158 mi
ASTRA ELITE CDTI AUTO477 (0.1%)8 yrs68,061 mi
ASTRA ELITE CDTI ECOFLEX SS89 (0.0%)8 yrs83,510 mi
ASTRA ELITE CDTI SS1,894 (0.2%)8 yrs73,794 mi
ASTRA ELITE ECO TEC 16L1 (0.0%)6 yrs45,569 mi
ASTRA ELITE S-A5 (0.0%)13 yrs71,925 mi
ASTRA ELITE TURBO22 (0.0%)9 yrs57,956 mi
ASTRA ELITE TWINPORT S-A6 (0.0%)16 yrs80,596 mi
ASTRA ENERGY2,111 (0.3%)8 yrs59,566 mi
ASTRA ENERGY A1 (0.0%)14 yrs96,472 mi
ASTRA ENERGY CDTI374 (0.0%)8 yrs81,054 mi
ASTRA ENERGY ECO TEC 14L1 (0.0%)8 yrs44,539 mi
ASTRA ENJOY6 (0.0%)16 yrs100,014 mi
ASTRA ENJOY 16V130 (0.0%)16 yrs91,088 mi
ASTRA ENJOY CDTI3 (0.0%)16 yrs144,114 mi
ASTRA ENJOY TWINPORT2 (0.0%)17 yrs112,631 mi
ASTRA ENVOY2 (0.0%)19 yrs133,751 mi
ASTRA ENVOY 16V2 (0.0%)18 yrs91,305 mi
ASTRA ENVOY 8V2 (0.0%)18 yrs78,833 mi
ASTRA ENVOY 8V AUTO3 (0.0%)18 yrs81,079 mi
ASTRA ENVOY CDTI5 (0.0%)18 yrs152,850 mi
ASTRA ENVOY DI4 (0.0%)21 yrs75,312 mi
ASTRA ENVOY DI AUTO4 (0.0%)18 yrs172,961 mi
ASTRA ENVOY DTI50 (0.0%)18 yrs126,742 mi
ASTRA ENVOY DTI 16V10 (0.0%)17 yrs160,545 mi
ASTRA ENVOY DTI 16V AUTO4 (0.0%)18 yrs116,907 mi
ASTRA ENVOY TD1 (0.0%)22 yrs101,531 mi
ASTRA ES30 (0.0%)9 yrs71,203 mi
ASTRA ES AUTO1 (0.0%)10 yrs70,104 mi
ASTRA ES CDTI116 (0.0%)9 yrs107,914 mi
ASTRA ES CDTI ECOFLEX105 (0.0%)9 yrs120,094 mi
ASTRA ES CDTI ECOFLEX SS370 (0.0%)9 yrs93,453 mi
ASTRA ES TECH CDTI15 (0.0%)10 yrs98,889 mi
ASTRA EST1 (0.0%)16 yrs83,886 mi
ASTRA ESTATE2 (0.0%)16 yrs12,727 mi
ASTRA ESTATE CDTI1 (0.0%)13 yrs172,635 mi
ASTRA EXC BLACK T-T CDTI4 (0.0%)14 yrs85,924 mi
ASTRA EXC BLACK T-T TURBO1 (0.0%)13 yrs79,702 mi
ASTRA EXCITE132 (0.0%)9 yrs62,870 mi
ASTRA EXCITE 16L1 (0.0%)10 yrs41,357 mi
ASTRA EXCITE CDTI137 (0.0%)10 yrs90,422 mi
ASTRA EXCITE CDTI ECOFLEX SS2 (0.0%)7 yrs138,628 mi
ASTRA EXCITE LIMITED ED CDTI1 (0.0%)9 yrs53,279 mi
ASTRA EXCL BLACK TWIN-T9 (0.0%)13 yrs84,675 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV683 (0.1%)8 yrs65,569 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV 113513 (0.1%)9 yrs69,067 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV 8554 (0.0%)9 yrs66,221 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV 889 (0.0%)11 yrs90,174 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV 98657 (0.1%)9 yrs70,279 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV AUTO666 (0.1%)9 yrs54,459 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV CDTI672 (0.1%)9 yrs100,770 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV CDTI 10874 (0.0%)11 yrs94,915 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV CDTI ECOFLEX44 (0.0%)10 yrs114,087 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV CDTI ECOFLEX SS972 (0.1%)8 yrs96,755 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV CDTI ECOFLX SS1,176 (0.1%)9 yrs107,232 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV CDTI EFLEX43 (0.0%)10 yrs97,717 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV EFLEX CDTI5 (0.0%)11 yrs98,362 mi
ASTRA EXCLUSIV TURBO30 (0.0%)10 yrs78,144 mi
ASTRA EXPRESSION8 (0.0%)9 yrs64,565 mi
ASTRA EXPRESSION 16L1 (0.0%)20 yrs97,506 mi
ASTRA GL HATCH S1 (0.0%)38 yrs79,642 mi
ASTRA GL HATCH S AUTO1 (0.0%)38 yrs14,515 mi
ASTRA GLS 16V1 (0.0%)24 yrs64,698 mi
ASTRA GLS 17 TDS1 (0.0%)23 yrs100,311 mi
ASTRA GLS AUTO1 (0.0%)26 yrs62,751 mi
ASTRA GLS I1 (0.0%)27 yrs106,696 mi
ASTRA GSI2 (0.0%)18 yrs106,085 mi
ASTRA GSI 161 (0.0%)24 yrs79,466 mi
ASTRA GSI 16V6 (0.0%)27 yrs103,368 mi
ASTRA GSI TURBO4 (0.0%)18 yrs107,671 mi
ASTRA GTC19,243 (2.4%)8 yrs61,111 mi
ASTRA GTC LIMITED ED CDTI SS1 (0.0%)7 yrs13,381 mi
ASTRA GTC LIMITED ED TURBO SS1 (0.0%)7 yrs59,184 mi
ASTRA GTC SPORT CDTI AUTO2 (0.0%)9 yrs65,975 mi
ASTRA GTC SPORT CDTI SS51 (0.0%)9 yrs75,863 mi
ASTRA GTC SPORT SS60 (0.0%)9 yrs63,090 mi
ASTRA GTC SPORT SS TURBO158 (0.0%)9 yrs66,038 mi
ASTRA GTC SPORT TURBO9 (0.0%)9 yrs75,846 mi
ASTRA GTC SPORT TURBO AUTO1 (0.0%)9 yrs49,298 mi
ASTRA GTC SRI1 (0.0%)7 yrs65,983 mi
ASTRA GTC SRI CDTI AUTO5 (0.0%)9 yrs76,753 mi
ASTRA GTC SRI CDTI SS198 (0.0%)9 yrs85,203 mi
ASTRA GTC SRI SS90 (0.0%)9 yrs64,824 mi
ASTRA GTC SRI SS TURBO57 (0.0%)9 yrs67,812 mi
ASTRA GTC SRI TURBO61 (0.0%)9 yrs62,690 mi
ASTRA GTC SRI TURBO AUTO1 (0.0%)9 yrs95,112 mi
ASTRA GTC SRI TURBO SS1 (0.0%)6 yrs19,363 mi
ASTRA GTC TURBO1 (0.0%)9 yrs19,547 mi
ASTRA GTE5 (0.0%)36 yrs47,279 mi
ASTRA GTE 16V4 (0.0%)31 yrs131,236 mi
ASTRA L1 (0.0%)30 yrs126,801 mi
ASTRA LD DIESEL1 (0.0%)31 yrs74,473 mi
ASTRA LI1 (0.0%)10 yrs124,337 mi
ASTRA LIFE206 (0.0%)14 yrs91,170 mi
ASTRA LIFE 16V11 (0.0%)12 yrs72,137 mi
ASTRA LIFE A2 (0.0%)14 yrs88,442 mi
ASTRA LIFE AC307 (0.0%)13 yrs92,292 mi
ASTRA LIFE AC A110 (0.0%)13 yrs77,654 mi
ASTRA LIFE AC S-A10 (0.0%)12 yrs99,738 mi
ASTRA LIFE AUTO110 (0.0%)16 yrs90,252 mi
ASTRA LIFE CDTI227 (0.0%)14 yrs128,076 mi
ASTRA LIFE CDTI 801 (0.0%)17 yrs180,222 mi
ASTRA LIFE CDTI 9031 (0.0%)15 yrs140,403 mi
ASTRA LIFE CDTI AC4 (0.0%)12 yrs135,664 mi
ASTRA LIFE ECOFLEX CDTI33 (0.0%)11 yrs129,807 mi
ASTRA LIFE S-A6 (0.0%)14 yrs106,341 mi
ASTRA LIFE TWINPORT352 (0.0%)16 yrs106,345 mi
ASTRA LIFE TWINPORT S-A39 (0.0%)15 yrs94,711 mi
ASTRA LIMITED EDITION4 (0.0%)7 yrs36,909 mi
ASTRA LIMITED EDITION CDTI1 (0.0%)8 yrs72,939 mi
ASTRA LIMITED EDITION TURBO4 (0.0%)8 yrs40,395 mi
ASTRA LINEA ROSSA T COUPE1 (0.0%)19 yrs100,996 mi
ASTRA LS3 (0.0%)22 yrs75,630 mi
ASTRA LS 16L1 (0.0%)21 yrs40,092 mi
ASTRA LS 16V5 (0.0%)20 yrs92,152 mi
ASTRA LS 17 TD1 (0.0%)24 yrs72,356 mi
ASTRA LS 8V1 (0.0%)21 yrs37,985 mi
ASTRA LS 8V AUTO7 (0.0%)18 yrs71,930 mi
ASTRA LS CDTI41 (0.0%)17 yrs137,668 mi
ASTRA LS DI4 (0.0%)20 yrs129,026 mi
ASTRA LS DI AUTO2 (0.0%)19 yrs146,394 mi
ASTRA LS DTI86 (0.0%)18 yrs143,310 mi
ASTRA LS DTI 16V ECO16 (0.0%)19 yrs182,609 mi
ASTRA LS DTI AUTO1 (0.0%)18 yrs100,793 mi
ASTRA LS ECO CDTI15 (0.0%)17 yrs124,887 mi
ASTRA LS ECO TEC 16V 16L1 (0.0%)23 yrs116,338 mi
ASTRA LS I8 (0.0%)28 yrs107,099 mi
ASTRA LS I AUTO1 (0.0%)28 yrs44,776 mi
ASTRA LS TD8 (0.0%)25 yrs153,363 mi
ASTRA LS TURBO DIESEL1 (0.0%)29 yrs101,730 mi
ASTRA MERIT DIESEL1 (0.0%)13 yrs140,216 mi
ASTRA MONTANA1 (0.0%)25 yrs89,004 mi
ASTRA PREMIER2 (0.0%)25 yrs52,720 mi
ASTRA S3 (0.0%)11 yrs54,231 mi
ASTRA S CDTI 1082 (0.0%)11 yrs67,919 mi
ASTRA S CDTI ECOFLEX1 (0.0%)11 yrs83,468 mi
ASTRA S GL HB2 (0.0%)21 yrs71,200 mi
ASTRA S L HB3 (0.0%)39 yrs53,527 mi
ASTRA SE1,414 (0.2%)9 yrs64,835 mi
ASTRA SE AUTO729 (0.1%)9 yrs57,428 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI95 (0.0%)9 yrs92,979 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI 108137 (0.0%)10 yrs93,435 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI 123153 (0.0%)10 yrs92,985 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI 1574 (0.0%)11 yrs112,124 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI 157 AUTO2 (0.0%)11 yrs68,203 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI AUTO423 (0.1%)8 yrs71,861 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI ECOFLEX1 (0.0%)10 yrs136,201 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI ECOFLEX 1085 (0.0%)10 yrs107,902 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI ECOFLEX 1238 (0.0%)10 yrs77,771 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI ECOFLEX SS886 (0.1%)8 yrs90,905 mi
ASTRA SE CDTI SS775 (0.1%)9 yrs85,389 mi
ASTRA SE TURBO196 (0.0%)9 yrs69,254 mi
ASTRA SPECIAL 16V1 (0.0%)14 yrs135,670 mi
ASTRA SPECIAL CDTI36 (0.0%)12 yrs134,827 mi
ASTRA SPECIAL CDTI 91 (0.0%)14 yrs46,634 mi
ASTRA SPECIAL CDTI 9082 (0.0%)12 yrs134,676 mi
ASTRA SPORT153 (0.0%)11 yrs83,340 mi
ASTRA SPORT CDTI5 (0.0%)14 yrs137,464 mi
ASTRA SPORT CONVERTIBLE1 (0.0%)11 yrs64,488 mi
ASTRA SPORT TWIN TOP A2 (0.0%)13 yrs61,309 mi
ASTRA SPORT TWINPORT3 (0.0%)17 yrs96,025 mi
ASTRA SPORTIVE CDTI1,517 (0.2%)10 yrs119,250 mi
ASTRA SPORTIVE CDTI A29 (0.0%)13 yrs148,932 mi
ASTRA SPORTIVE DTI 16V39 (0.0%)18 yrs153,847 mi
ASTRA SPORTIVE SE CDTI253 (0.0%)11 yrs133,064 mi
ASTRA SPORTIVE XP CDTI26 (0.0%)9 yrs97,480 mi
ASTRA SRI5,592 (0.7%)9 yrs63,841 mi
ASTRA SRI 11341 (0.0%)11 yrs90,618 mi
ASTRA SRI 16V2 (0.0%)16 yrs84,815 mi
ASTRA SRI 88197 (0.0%)11 yrs80,633 mi
ASTRA SRI A3 (0.0%)14 yrs65,021 mi
ASTRA SRI AUTO758 (0.1%)8 yrs53,535 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI1,121 (0.1%)9 yrs89,760 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 10021 (0.0%)14 yrs121,684 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 100 XPACK1 (0.0%)14 yrs132,227 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 10853 (0.0%)10 yrs96,333 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 1181 (0.0%)11 yrs229,041 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 12010 (0.0%)14 yrs120,813 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 120 8V A21 (0.0%)13 yrs105,691 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 120 XPACK4 (0.0%)15 yrs119,618 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 123142 (0.0%)10 yrs87,863 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 1481 (0.0%)12 yrs216,985 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 15014 (0.0%)14 yrs134,490 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 150 XPACK14 (0.0%)14 yrs118,405 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 15730 (0.0%)11 yrs92,774 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 157 AUTO4 (0.0%)10 yrs78,725 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 16V9 (0.0%)12 yrs126,944 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI 8V6 (0.0%)13 yrs97,026 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI A2 (0.0%)14 yrs110,295 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI AUTO711 (0.1%)8 yrs68,164 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI ECOFLEX8 (0.0%)9 yrs87,683 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI ECOFLEX SS931 (0.1%)8 yrs86,904 mi
ASTRA SRI CDTI SS2,483 (0.3%)9 yrs82,882 mi
ASTRA SRI ECOFLEX CDTI1 (0.0%)11 yrs67,201 mi
ASTRA SRI ECOTEC 18L1 (0.0%)14 yrs108,129 mi
ASTRA SRI ESTATE1 (0.0%)8 yrs74,963 mi
ASTRA SRI NAV TURBO AUTO1 (0.0%)5 yrs23,877 mi
ASTRA SRI TURBO750 (0.1%)9 yrs67,329 mi
ASTRA SRI TURBO 1701 (0.0%)15 yrs90,409 mi
ASTRA SRI VX LINE CDTI AUTO1 (0.0%)9 yrs99,510 mi
ASTRA SRI VX LINE NAV TURBO2 (0.0%)1 yrs928 mi
ASTRA SRI VX-LINE122 (0.0%)9 yrs58,614 mi
ASTRA SRI VX-LINE CDTI8 (0.0%)9 yrs69,948 mi
ASTRA SRI VX-LINE CDTI AUTO10 (0.0%)9 yrs70,163 mi
ASTRA SRI VX-LINE CDTI SS59 (0.0%)9 yrs84,938 mi
ASTRA SRI VX-LINE TURBO14 (0.0%)10 yrs86,769 mi
ASTRA SRI XP227 (0.0%)13 yrs99,024 mi
ASTRA SRI XP 16V2 (0.0%)15 yrs111,439 mi
ASTRA SRI XP A22 (0.0%)14 yrs103,051 mi
ASTRA SRI XP AUTO9 (0.0%)13 yrs87,243 mi
ASTRA SRI XP CDTI 11820 (0.0%)11 yrs121,602 mi
ASTRA SRI XP CDTI 1203 (0.0%)13 yrs121,955 mi
ASTRA SRI XP CDTI 14718 (0.0%)11 yrs96,931 mi
ASTRA SRI XP CDTI 1484 (0.0%)11 yrs128,507 mi
ASTRA SRI XP CDTI 1506 (0.0%)13 yrs90,216 mi
ASTRA SRI XP CDTI 8V2 (0.0%)13 yrs94,550 mi
ASTRA SRI XP CDTI 983 (0.0%)12 yrs101,641 mi
ASTRA SRI XP CDTI A3 (0.0%)14 yrs105,286 mi
ASTRA SRI XP CDTI AUTO2 (0.0%)12 yrs89,799 mi
ASTRA SRI XP TURBO1 (0.0%)12 yrs79,938 mi
ASTRA SRI XPACK1 (0.0%)16 yrs102,689 mi
ASTRA SRI XPACK AUTO1 (0.0%)16 yrs69,090 mi
ASTRA SRICDTI 10012 (0.0%)14 yrs132,892 mi
ASTRA SRICDTI 15095 (0.0%)13 yrs126,571 mi
ASTRA SRICDTI 150 A16 (0.0%)13 yrs97,124 mi
ASTRA SX I9 (0.0%)14 yrs102,719 mi
ASTRA SXI187 (0.0%)13 yrs92,756 mi
ASTRA SXI 16V220 (0.0%)12 yrs87,913 mi
ASTRA SXI CDTI65 (0.0%)14 yrs120,033 mi
ASTRA SXI CDTI 10013 (0.0%)14 yrs108,686 mi
ASTRA SXI CDTI 12011 (0.0%)13 yrs121,141 mi
ASTRA SXI CDTI 801 (0.0%)16 yrs127,636 mi
ASTRA SXI DTI 16V18 (0.0%)18 yrs130,463 mi
ASTRA SXI ECOFLEX CDTI14 (0.0%)12 yrs125,084 mi
ASTRA SXI S-A5 (0.0%)13 yrs103,873 mi
ASTRA SXI TWINPORT986 (0.1%)14 yrs99,955 mi
ASTRA SXI TWINPORT S-A9 (0.0%)15 yrs83,823 mi
ASTRA TECH LINE101 (0.0%)9 yrs62,408 mi
ASTRA TECH LINE AUTO12 (0.0%)8 yrs99,643 mi
ASTRA TECH LINE CDTI41 (0.0%)9 yrs105,639 mi
ASTRA TECH LINE CDTI AUTO12 (0.0%)8 yrs114,621 mi
ASTRA TECH LINE CDTI ECFLX SS482 (0.1%)9 yrs107,047 mi
ASTRA TECH LINE CDTI EFLEX SS3 (0.0%)7 yrs87,016 mi
ASTRA TECH LINE CDTI SS24 (0.0%)8 yrs87,577 mi
ASTRA TECH LINE GT1 (0.0%)7 yrs46,709 mi
ASTRA TECHLINE GT CDTI ECO SS1 (0.0%)7 yrs62,610 mi
ASTRA T-TOP DESIGN CDTI73 (0.0%)14 yrs108,268 mi
ASTRA T-TOP EXCL XP CDTI1 (0.0%)12 yrs93,805 mi
ASTRA T-TOP SPORT CDTI27 (0.0%)14 yrs113,595 mi
ASTRA TURBO1 (0.0%)5 yrs41,685 mi
ASTRA TURBO SRI 1901 (0.0%)19 yrs170,521 mi
ASTRA TWIN TOP12 (0.0%)14 yrs87,780 mi
ASTRA TWIN TOP DESIGN40 (0.0%)14 yrs92,504 mi
ASTRA TWIN TOP SPORT54 (0.0%)13 yrs76,864 mi
ASTRA TWINTOP1 (0.0%)14 yrs125,326 mi
ASTRA TWINTOP AIR11 (0.0%)13 yrs66,139 mi
ASTRA TWINTOP AIR AUTO1 (0.0%)12 yrs70,845 mi
ASTRA TWINTOP AIR CDTI1 (0.0%)13 yrs142,535 mi
ASTRA TWINTOP DESIGN5 (0.0%)12 yrs71,688 mi
ASTRA TWINTOP SPORT8 (0.0%)12 yrs72,743 mi
ASTRA VAN22 (0.0%)13 yrs152,092 mi
ASTRA VAN CDTI1 (0.0%)14 yrs111,395 mi
ASTRA VAN CDTI CLUB1 (0.0%)11 yrs124,328 mi
ASTRA VAN SPORTIVE1 (0.0%)12 yrs95,695 mi
ASTRA VXR536 (0.1%)9 yrs58,493 mi
ASTRA VXR 3D1 (0.0%)8 yrs55,511 mi
ASTRA VXR ARCTIC EDITION7 (0.0%)11 yrs73,496 mi
ASTRA VXR NURBURGRING6 (0.0%)13 yrs80,867 mi
ASTRA VXRACING7 (0.0%)12 yrs70,644 mi
ASTRACLUB1 (0.0%)16 yrs77,718 mi
ASTRACOM2 (0.0%)22 yrs107,276 mi
ASTRAESTATE1 (0.0%)17 yrs150,220 mi
ASTRA-GTC1 (0.0%)9 yrs99,125 mi
ASTRAL1 (0.0%)11 yrs102,825 mi
ASTRAMAX13 (0.0%)27 yrs95,049 mi
ASTRA-MAX1 (0.0%)16 yrs133,366 mi
ASTRAVAN14,433 (1.8%)14 yrs138,550 mi
ASTRAVAN ENVOY CDTI9 (0.0%)17 yrs129,751 mi
ASTRAVAN LS CDTI1 (0.0%)18 yrs107,200 mi
ASTRAVAN MERIT6 (0.0%)25 yrs133,123 mi
ASTRAVAN SPORTIVE CDTI6 (0.0%)17 yrs172,425 mi
ASTYRA SRI1 (0.0%)10 yrs59,754 mi
ATRA1 (0.0%)16 yrs159,814 mi


Colour Total
Silver236,032 (29.3%)
Black174,091 (21.6%)
Blue106,688 (13.2%)
Grey93,715 (11.6%)
White86,276 (10.7%)
Red77,198 (9.6%)
Green12,210 (1.5%)
Beige6,685 (0.8%)
Brown4,916 (0.6%)
Turquoise2,720 (0.3%)
Yellow1,822 (0.2%)
Gold1,479 (0.2%)
Bronze1,205 (0.1%)
Orange146 (0.0%)
Purple46 (0.0%)
Maroon43 (0.0%)
Cream13 (0.0%)
Multi-colour10 (0.0%)
Pink6 (0.0%)


Engine Total
Petrol536,435 (66.6%)
Diesel259,722 (32.3%)
1598cc Petrol2,375 (0.3%)
1686cc Diesel1,157 (0.1%)
1399cc Petrol948 (0.1%)
1364cc Petrol773 (0.1%)
1796cc Petrol728 (0.1%)
1598cc Diesel701 (0.1%)
1956cc Diesel587 (0.1%)
1398cc Petrol568 (0.1%)
1910cc Diesel265 (0.0%)
LPG234 (0.0%)
1248cc Diesel212 (0.0%)
999cc Petrol173 (0.0%)
1998cc Petrol152 (0.0%)
1362cc Petrol92 (0.0%)
1389cc Petrol71 (0.0%)
Gas Bi-Fuel21 (0.0%)
2198cc Petrol14 (0.0%)
1995cc Diesel12 (0.0%)
Electric9 (0.0%)
Other8 (0.0%)
1700cc Diesel6 (0.0%)
1998cc Diesel5 (0.0%)
1901cc Diesel3 (0.0%)
1956cc Petrol3 (0.0%)
1686cc Petrol3 (0.0%)
1799cc Petrol3 (0.0%)
1388cc Petrol3 (0.0%)
1229cc Petrol2 (0.0%)
1242cc Diesel1 (0.0%)
973cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1364cc Diesel1 (0.0%)
1364cc LPG1 (0.0%)
1248cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1300cc Diesel1 (0.0%)
LNG1 (0.0%)
Electric Diesel1 (0.0%)
Gas1 (0.0%)
CNG1 (0.0%)
1584cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1800cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1910cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
1796cc Diesel1 (0.0%)
1995cc Petrol1 (0.0%)
2000cc Petrol1 (0.0%)

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